Mission of the NIH Pediatric and Wildtype GIST Clinic

Our Mission

  1. Bring together all patients with Pediatric or wildtype GIST with expert health care providers in the field
  2. Utilize the resources of the NIH to bridge shortcomings in basic and clinical research
  3. Provide storage of tumor samples, that can then be accessed by researchers throughout the world
  4. Disseminate new information in the field of Pediatric and wildtype GIST
  5. Develop innovative treatment protocols

GIST Clinic - picture wall

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As the first step towards achieving these goals, we have established the Consortium for Pediatric and wildtype GIST Research (CPGR), a diverse group of people who are dedicated to this mission.

It is our commitment to describe complicated issues in language that is clear, precise, but most importantly, simple, so that any adult or adolescent can readily understand every page of this website. We realize that the difficulty of reading scientific articles is similar to that of reading in a foreign language. The lack of familiarity with medical and scientific terms sometimes makes simple concepts extremely difficult. Dissemination of scientific information will always remain our top priority, but presenting it in understandable language will also be one of our main concerns.