2nd International Gliomatosis Cerebri Working Group Conference

Working group members at the Gliomatosis Cerebri International conference

Participants at the conference included physicians and family members.

On June 22-23, the NIH hosted the 2nd Gliomatosis Cerebri International Conference that brought together leading neuro-oncologists, neuroscientists and families who have lost a child to the disease.  Gliomatosis cerebri is a rare disease entity affecting patients across all age groups; prognosis of the disease is poor with most patients surviving less than 5 years from diagnosis.  Research is limited by the relatively small numbers of patients and uncertain disease classification.  The objectives of this conference were to bring leading scientists together to address our current understanding of the disease, identify opportunities to explore tumor biology and strengthen international collaborations in efforts to more rapidly advance our knowledge and develop rational therapies. This meeting discussed ongoing research, emphasized recent scientific advances and potential areas of exploration and identified potential collaborative projects on this rare disease entity.  The meeting was co-sponsored by CCR and several family-sponsored foundations, with attendees from North America, South America, Europe and as far away as Kuwait.  A highlight was the combined family, foundation and scientist meetings to discuss provocative areas of research, which proved to be insightful and inspiring.

Summary Posted: Thu, 06/01/2017