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Serves as the principal advisor to the Lab Chief on scientific operational matters. Assists in the formulation of basic scientific policy directives that form the framework for the effective management of the laboratory's research programs. In this capacity, participates with senior management in planning, managing and directing the operational projects and activities associated with the Program.

Identifies the need and feasibility for providing science policy alternatives either orally or in writing to the Lab/Branch Chief with well-documented descriptions that describe the potential impact for each alternative. These alternatives often have bearing on policy development or implementation.

Represents the Lab/Branch Chief in meetings related to commitments and recommendations concerning the policies, procedures, programs and activities of the lab/branch.

Coordinates and participates with senior management in the development and implementation of programs, policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines in the areas of administrative management, program and financial planning and evaluation, information management and other related activities in support of major lab/branch/center/division/institute programs and functions. Keeps abreast of the latest developments in areas related to the ongoing research of the laboratory's research programs.

Personally directs and/or conducts special projects/studies of activities of concern to the Lab/Branch Chief with particular emphasis on operational activities which may involve a coordinated effort between the lab/branch, institute, agency, department or private non­governmental organizations. Such projects/studies may involve operational matters on fiscal policy, may result from national public health issues or congressional interest, and often have sensitive or controversial aspects. Conceives and implements new initiatives and projects to strengthen, facilitate, and integrate laboratory programs. Undertakes or participates in special projects, ongoing analysis, investigations and initiatives that have high priority for the lab/branch/center/institute. This may involve producing complex analysis and written reports; organizing special committees, workshops or other gatherings; initiating program reviews; and/or developing or fostering cross-organizational activities. Based on the mission goals, operations and changing program requirements, identifies relevant issues; collects relevant information from a variety of sources, some of which are difficult to access, and develops management analysis studies designed to streamline, simplify and facilitate scientific or administrative program operations. Findings from projects/studies often result in authoritative recommendations and/or decisions for change, redirection, implementation, or elimination of policies or programs. Develops position documents as well as summary and overview reports. These documents are prepared to define and explain issues, describe options and make recommendations concerning scientific policy and provide the Lab/Branch Chief with current information on issues and policy recommendations within the laboratory/branch.

Responsible for the management activities of the laboratory, including: scheduling meetings, and preparing issue-based agendas and official records or notes of meetings. Assures timely resolution of conflicts or problems to avoid delays in achieving goals. Acts as a driving force for the timely completion of project activities and attainment of project objectives within the established project plans and performance goals set by the Lab/Branch Chief. Works with all laboratory staff to develop project plans, including establishing priorities for ongoing studies, and setting up time frames, milestones, and an agreed upon endpoint. Manages and coordinates the work of the laboratory staff to determine how much progress is being made and if any problems are surfacing. Monitors and reports the actual status of all activities within the assigned projects through interaction with project participants and, if required, supervisors and directors. Identifies project activities or situations that adversely impact project plans and recommends solutions to problem areas. Identifies and coordinates the resolution of conflicting resource needs, availability, and scheduling. Serves as the point of contact and provides authoritative advice for all communications concerning respective areas of research

Provides scientific support to lab/branch by analyzing scientific research data for inclusion in IC reports and websites. Reviews and edits scientific documents and makes recommendations to Senior Investigators.  Compiles results based on project-specific SOPs, in order to report data to the research team and various platforms for public dissemination.  Develops systems, databases, and methodologies to collect and analyze data for clinical or basic research purposes.  Performs scientific and administrative reviews and analyses of applications/proposals from a programmatic viewpoint. Develops and implements changes to improve the advancement of data dissemination, data science solutions, and advanced technologies for the organization. Performs basic IT functions, including, but not limited to, server maintenance, program installation, management of data back-ups and associated hardware/networking/scheduling. Identifys opportunities for internal process improvement.  In consultation with individual investigators, prepares analyses of the scientific accomplishments of the lab/branch for use in annual and other reports and documents (e.g., program planning documents, annual reports, or reports for site visits).

Guides the lab/branch in the creation of effective quality assurance programs. Establishes professional standards that comply with accreditation policies and agency guidelines. Implements safety procedures and has primary responsibility for the laboratory's compliance with regulations and guidelines. Maintains knowledge of, and ensures that, the laboratory meets regulatory guideline requirements. Performs quality control and assurance in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices, NIH, and OSHA safety guidelines.

Assists lab/branch staff in the creation or preparation of a variety of documents required by the scientific activities of the lab (e.g., CRADAs/Letter of Understanding, Material Transfer Agreements, Patent Applications/Licensing Agreements, Investigational New Drug Files and Clinical Trials Protocol Development). Develops respective portions of such documents, serves as the liaison with appropriate internal and external scientific and administrative staff, monitors progress, and assures that the conditions of agreements are met. Interacts with the Office of Technology Development and the NIH Office of Technology Transfer on patent-related issues.

Verifies laboratory data and procedures using a series of checks and balances in the system. Keeps current on scientific literature and prepares summaries of pertinent research for the laboratory's staff. Reviews, edits and writes first drafts of papers, protocols, posters, and manuscripts produced within the laboratory for consistency of the research agenda, adherence to any applicable scientific policies, and clarity of presentation of data and other scientific information.

Prepares reports, memoranda, abstracts, meeting presentations, scientific manuscripts, and evaluations containing complex scientific terminology and symbols, mathematical formulae, and sophisticated graphic presentations in semi-final form for further review by the author(s) and in final form for submission for publication to scientific journals, contracting, budget review, and site visits; edits protocols, operating procedures, and research reports; ensures clarity of expression in all prepared material. Prepares and edits briefing documents and technical reports for use by management officials.

Attends and makes presentations at lab/branch meetings. Conducts meetings or workshops to discuss specific issues or problems and provides recommendations.

Analyzes and provides recommendations for solutions on specific problems areas arising during the course of the initial or redesign/modification of research projects. Analyzes the program's operations for impact on individual projects, designs internal controls for projects and advises managers on the need for additional resources, changes in focus, and the need for/impact of revising the projects schedule.

Performs administrative work and speaks for the Lab/Branch Chief in the following areas: budget and financial management, procurement and contracting, human resources, and administration of supplies, property, renovations and office moves. Continually assesses the laboratory's operations and use of resources. Implements new methods and processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory and resources.

Participates with the Lab/Branch Chief and other senior staff in planning, coordinating, and reviewing of the laboratory's programs, resources, and activities. Participates in lab/branch reviews to discuss future proposals for resource allocations. Reviews plans submitted by senior staff and makes recommendations or suggestions for the best alternative methods for obtaining the necessary resources required to accomplish the mission of the organization.

Serves as advisor to Lab/Branch Chief in the formulation, presentation and execution of the laboratory's budget. Develops budgets and prepares estimates and appropriate supporting justifications for research projects, studies, or proposed new research initiatives. Monitors and tracks use of funds; initiates request for additional funds; and serves as liaison between administrative officers (AOs) and principal investigators (PIs). Investigates cost-effective mechanisms for the procurement of common reagents and specialized laboratory services; independently or in collaboration with senior investigators develops and prescribes technical specification/standards for specialized laboratory equipment or other products; and works with appropriate NCI procurement officials during the procurement process. Manages procurement and contracting for large, complex procurements with contracting authority up to an established threshold. Drafts and/or reviews proposals and prepares Interagency Agreements (IAGs). Investigates cost-effective mechanisms; prescribes specifications for specialized laboratory equipment/products/services; determines potential sources; negotiates costs and availability; and coordinates with NCI procurement officials.

Directs the laboratory/branch human resources program involving recruitment, promotions, awards, classifications (i.e., position descriptions), lab safety training, performance appraisal and disciplinary actions. Determines training objectives; develops curriculum and materials; and utilizes a wide variety of training media.

Assists the LAN Administrator in the development, implementation and maintenance of a LAN ­system for the laboratory and ensures the laboratory has access to and employs the latest computer hardware and software technology. Utilizes the laboratory's ordering system and budget tracking and analysis, graphics programs (e.g., Photoshop and Excel) used for creating figures for presentations, and popular presentation programs. Maintains a database of commonly used laboratory protocols. Provides technical assistance and training for the use of the laboratory's databases. Uses data analysis to support the successful implementation and management of program operations. Develops procedures for managing and tracking research projects and issues related to lab safety. Serves as the Laboratory Safety Officer, inspecting the laboratory annually and submitting findings to the NCI CCR Director. Serves as the laboratory safety representative for the NCI Safety Committee.

Plans and manages the effective use of allocated lab/branch space and coordinates the design and accomplishment of major lab/branch renovations with appropriate NCI and NIH staff. Serves as the property custodian for the laboratory.

Serves as the liaison for the laboratory on matters relating to collaborative research programs. Provides information and guidance to NCI, NIH and other scientists and non-scientific professionals; staff representing other government organizations and/or non-government organizations/institutions.

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This is an administrative position that centers on taking an independent leadership role in arranging scientific meetings, managing our website, and reviewing and editing manuscripts and scientific reports for the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program (HIV DRP).  More details are provided below.

Preferred Skills


In order to qualify for a Technical Laboratory Manager, GS-601, position, you must have completed the requirements for a bachelor’s or graduate/higher level degree with major study in an academic field related to the medical field, health sciences or allied sciences appropriate to the work of the position. This degree must be from an educational program from an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education at the time the degree was obtained, The T5 salary range for GS-13 is $106,823 - $138,868.

This position is subject to a background investigation.

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