Office of Research Operations and Planning at CCR

Chief of Staff

Melissa Bronez, MPA
Melissa Bronez, MPA Associate Director 240.760.7746
  • OD Staffing
  • Communications
  • Clinical Program Policy/Initiatives
  • Technology Transfer/Development


Brenda Boersma, Ph.D.
Brenda Boersma, Ph.D. Deputy Associate Director 240.760.7745
  • Annual Reporting
  • Project Z Numbers
  • Congressional Responses
  • Global Health Liaison
  • Analytics
Kelly Haskins, Ph.D.
Kelly Haskins, Ph.D. Scientific Program Analyst 240.781.3361
  • Annual Reporting
  • Analytics

Faculty Recruitment and Transition

Lori Holliday
Lori Holliday Deputy Associate Director 240.760.7754
  • Faculty Recruitment, including Stadtman, Lasker & Physician-Scientist Early Investigator Program
Patrick H. Miller
Patrick H. Miller Deputy Associate Director 240.760.6337
  • Faculty Recruitment, including Stadtman, Lasker & Physician-Scientist Early Investigator Program

Clinical Program Administration

Aubrey Wachter
Aubrey Wachter Assistant Director for Clinical Operations 240.760.7757
  • Clinical Program Policies/Initiatives
  • Administrator, Physician-Scientist Early Investigator Program
  • Clinical Communications


Li Gwatkin, MPA
Li Gwatkin, MPA CCR Communications Manager 240.760.7752
  • Media Requests/Clearance
  • Press Releases
  • CCR Magazines
  • Controlled Correspondence
Chabelis Byamana, B.A.
Chabelis Byamana, B.A. Communications Specialist
  • 60-Second Update Content Manager
  • CCR Events Coverage
  • CCR Digital Screen Content
Colleen Curran, M.A.
Colleen Curran, M.A. Communications Specialist 240.781.4054
  • Lead Writer/Editor
  • CCR Magazines
Sue Fox
Sue Fox Lead Web Content Editor 301.846.1923
  • Web Content Updates
  • Website User Training
  • CCR Wiki Sites
Lianne Priede, M.P.H.
Lianne Priede, M.P.H. Communications Specialist 240.276.5507
  • Internal Communications Coordinator
  • 60-Second Update Editor
  • Outreach & Campaigns
Ave Springer
Ave Springer CCR Social Media Coordinator 301.846.5176
  • Social Media Contact
  • Request New Twitter Accounts
  • Job Postings on CCR Website
  • Tracking Scientific Publications
Ronya Taylor
Ronya Taylor Website Project Manager 240.760.7718
  • New Website Requests
  • Website Enhancement Requests
  • Web Metrics

Meetings & Conferences

Julia Lam
Julia Lam CCR Meeting Planner 301.846.6957
  • Planning, Registration, Logistics for CCR Scientific Meetings and Conferences
  • Grand Rounds Lecture Series
Romi Sawhney
Romi Sawhney Program Specialist 240.760.7756
  • Liaison for Official Visits
  • CME Contact for CCR Grand Rounds

Office Administration

Crystal Rivera
Crystal Rivera Administrative Assistant 240.760.7362
  • OD Administrative Support
  • OD Conference Room Scheduling
  • Listserv Moderator
Kathy Easterday
Kathy Easterday Administrative Assistant 301-846-1584
  • Scheduling for Scientific Directors and Deputy Directors in Frederick
  • Frederick OD Office Manager
Sarah Henson
Sarah Henson Administrative Assistant 240.760.7753
  • Scheduling for Dr. Misteli
  • OD Administrative Support
Katie Tipton
Katie Tipton Administrative Assistant 240.760.7759
  • Scheduling for Dr. Dahut
  • OD Administrative Support
  • Assists with Faculty Recruitment