Office of the Director Staff Directory

Animal Resource Program
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Custer, Mary Associate Director Animal Program policy/initiatives, resources, contracts, agreements
Divi, Kathy Scientific Program Analyst Assists with Animal Program resource management, analysis, and project coordination
Office of Information Technology
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Levine, Jason Associate Director IT security, Clinical Informatics, Intersection of clinical and translational research with IT needs, Data modeling, programming
Dinavahi, Ravi Developer Programming/development (Java)
Ji, Ming Developer Data modeling, ETL, JAVA programming
Mambrin, Christian Project Manager IT project planning, execution and management, IT system implementation and integration, staff training, technical writing
Moon, Richard Support Specialist IT procurement, desktop support, project management, IT consultation, contract management
Paul, Rohit System Administrator & Developer System administration (Windows, Linux, and macOS), Java and Python development, database design and administration, system integration, CCR wiki developer
Saxe, Jeff System Administrator & Developer Linux system administration, scientific programming, computational chemistry, high-performance computing
Waters, Jim Developer Programming/development (ASP.NET, C#, MVC) and database
Office of Research Operations and Planning
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Bronez, Melissa A. Associate Director OD Staffing, Communications, Clinical Program Policy/Initiatives, Technology Transfer/Development
Boersma, Brenda J. Deputy Associate Director Annual Reporting, Project Z Numbers, Congressional Responses, Global Health Liaison, Analytics
Holliday, Lori A. Deputy Associate Director Faculty Recruitment, including Stadtman, Lasker & CIDP, PI Departures
Cline, Ave M. CCR Social Media Coordinator Social Media Contact, Request New Twitter Accounts, Job Postings on CCR Website, Tracking Scientific Publications
Fox, Sue Website Manager Website Project Management, Lead Local Content Manager, CCR Wiki Sites
Gwatkin, Li CCR Communications Manager Media Requests/Clearance, Press Releases, CCR Magazines, Controlled Correspondence
Harrison, Abbie N. Communications Specialist CCR News Writer, CCR Magazines
Henson, Sarah A. Administrative Assistant Scheduling for Dr. Misteli, OD Administrative Support
Lam, Julia CCR Meeting Planner Planning, Registration, Logistics for CCR Scientific Meetings and Conferences, Grand Rounds/Eminent Lecture Series
Priede, Lianne Communications Specialist 60-Second Update Editor, Outreach & Campaigns, Graphics/Images Coordinator, CCR Event Photography
Sawhney, Romi K. Program Specialist Liaison for Official Visits, CME Contact for CCR Grand Rounds
Taylor, Ronya Administrative Assistant OD Administrative Support, OD Conference Room, Listserv Moderator
Wachter, Aubrey N. Clinical Program Specialist Clinical Program Policies/Initiatives, Administrator, Clinical Investigator Development Program (CIDP), Clinical Communications
Zidek, Katie M. Administrative Assistant Scheduling for Dr. Dahut, OD Administrative Support, Assists with Faculty Recruitment
Office of Research Support
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Henderson, Darren Associate Director Space planning and design, Renovation management, Relocations
Bertolette, Dan Project Manager Laboratory design and construction , space management, relocations, Frederick campus
Borris, Debra Computer Systems Administrator Space database management, site visit space plans, scientific alarm systems, Bethesda campus
Carlson, Bradley Project Manager Laboratory design and construction, clinical space management, relocations, Bethesda campus
Corbin, Kyle Dock Manager Loading dock operations and coordination, Bethesda campus
Hegamyer, Glenn Project Manager Laboratory design and construction, space management, central repository POC, relocations, Frederick campus
Noland, Leon Facility Support Specialist Surplus support, dry ice delivery, general administrative support
Office of Science and Technology Resources
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Goldstein, David Associate Director Research and technology resources and cores, technology subsidy program (STARS), evaluation of emerging technologies
Cam, Maggie Head, CCR Collaborative Bioinformatics Resource (CCBR) CCBR management, bioinformatics project portfolio management, collaborative bioinformatics support for omics research projects
FitzGerald, Peter Head, Genome Analysis Unit (GAU) Specialized bioinformatics projects, bioinformatics infrastructure, Bioinformatics Training and Education Program (BTEP)
Malik, Mariam Assistant Director for Partnerships research and technology resources, technology subsidy program (STARS), evaluation of emerging technologies
Office of Scientific Development
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Misteli, Tom Director Strategic planning, innovative research interactions, creative funding opportunities
Cortner, Janelle Program Administrator Resource Request System (RRS), Leidos COR
Linnekin, Diana M. Program Administrator Liaison to Center of Excellence in Immunology, Drug Development Collaborative, and CCR Science Board, FLEX POC
Office of Scientific Programs
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Mock, Beverly Associate Director Oversight of Site Visit/BSC Review & Implementation , Tenure Track Investigator (TTI) Ombudsperson, Tenure Review Panel (TRP) Exec. Secretary, Clinical Tenure Review Panel (CTRP) Exec. Secretary
Bolton, Theresa Program Analyst Coordinator, Site Visit/BSC Reports & Responses, Coordinator, TRP & CTRP Activities , Promotion Packages for PRP/CRP/TRP/CTRP
Kidd, Geoffrey Scientific Program Analyst Site Visit Coordinator (Bethesda), Clinical Review Panel (CRP), Staff Clinician Quad Reviews, Award Nominations
Masison, Cynthia Associate Scientist Site Visit Coordinator (Bethesda), Site Visit Implementations, Promotion Review Panel (PRP) Exec. Secretary, Staff Scientist (SS) Quad Reviews, SS Liaison, Award Nominations
Rosean, Tim Scientific Program Specialist Site Visit Coordinator (Bethesda), Award Nominations, Staff Clinician Quad Reviews, TTI Contact in Bethesda, TTI Career Development Strategies
White, Gretchen Scientific Program Analyst Site Visit Coordinator (Frederick), Technology Transfer Awards, TTI Contact in Frederick
Office of the Clinical Director
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Dahut, William Clinical Director Oversees credentialing, Patient Care, Clinical research training, Clinical trial development and approval, Regulatory support
Grant, Nicole Chief, Office of Regulatory Affairs Regulatory coordination, protocol support, SRC/IRB submissions, IND management, IRB administration
McMahon, Catherine Patient Care Coordinator OCD administrative support, assists the Deputy Clinical Director
McMullen, Susan Nurse Consultant Coordinates Safety Monitoring Committee and the new Annual Scientific Review process
Ness, Elizabeth Chief, Office of Education and Compliance Clinical research training and compliance
Royce, Cheryl Chief, Office of Research Nursing Research nursing support
Shaw, Martha Administrative Lab Manager Administrative support , timekeeping, purchasing, HR, credentialing
Steakley, Caryn Deputy Clinical Director Patient care and safety, data management and other support contracts
Wise, Allison Chief, Office of Clinical Support Services Project Officer data management contract, auditing and monitoring, clinical research databases, administration
Office of the Director
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Brubaker, Linda Program Specialist Scheduling for the OD-Frederick Office, including CCR Frederick Deputies
Gordon-Butler, Cynthia Program Specialist Scheduling for SD for Basic Research (Merlino)
Hooper, Laura Scientific Program Analyst CCR Frederick Fellows Coordinator, Liaison for Centers of Excellence, faculties, working groups, Women Scientist Advisors, Leidos COR, outside grants/funding opportunities
Office of Translational Resources
Name Title Areas of Responsibility
Steeg, Pat Associate Director POC/advisor to investigators for developing translation strategies, coordinates the Drug Development Collaborative (DDC), assists PIs in finding resources for translational projects, workshops focusing on drug development/translational studies
Figg Sr., Doug Associate Director Advisor to investigators on funding/resources for drug development studies, seminars/workshops on translational technologies
Linnekin, Diana M. Program Administrator Liaison to Center of Excellence in Immunology, Drug Development Collaborative, and CCR Science Board, FLEX POC
Chatterjee, Sabarni Invention Development Specialist Intellectual property & technology transfer assistance, POC for NCI/NIH Technology Transfer offices, seminars/workshops on translational technologies