Pediatric Oncology Branch: Behavioral Health Core

bhc staff

The optimal outcome for a child and family facing the diagnosis of cancer or other medical condition requires the efforts of a multidisciplinary team. Early attention to the psychological and social-emotional needs of the child and family results in better adjustment, increased medication adherence, improved quality of life, greater trust between the medical team and the family, and greater satisfaction with care. It is the mission of the Behavioral Health Core to provide psychological assessments, clinical interventions, and educational services to help patients and their families prepare for and cope with the effects of cancer and other related medical conditions.

The Behavioral Health Core under the co-directorship of Dr. Lori Wiener and Dr. Pamela Wolters consists of two separate but interrelated components.

Psychosocial Support & Research Program

The Pediatric Oncology Branch is truly committed to the psychological, social and emotional well being of our patients and their family members.  Find out more about the Psychosocial Support and Research Program led by Dr. Lori Wiener.

Health Psychology & Neurobehavioral Research Program

Members of this program are experienced in the assessment and treatment of cognitive, behavioral and psychological problems of children through adult with chronic medical conditions.  Find out more about the Health Psychology & Neurobehavioral Research Program led by Dr. Pamela Wolters.