NIH Fellows Editorial Board Membership

Membership in the Editorial Board is open to all NIH or FDA fellows and other professionals upon approval of their supervisors and consultation with the senior editor of the Editorial Board. Previous editorial experience is not required.

Types of Membership

  • Active members : All NIH or FDA fellows are eligible for active membership on the Editorial Board. Active members participate in all FEB activities including weekly meetings, editing, organizing workshops, and advertising.
  • Consulting members : NIH or FDA-affiliated science writers and experienced editors who are not fellows are eligible for consulting membership. These members can choose their level of involvement in the activities of the Board.

Membership Eligibility

  • Postdoctoral and clinical fellows, science writers, and experienced editors from NIH or FDA are eligible for membership.
  • Non-fellow members are required to submit a letter of approval from their supervisor.
  • A commitment of one year is required to become an active member of the Board.
  • The number of active members serving on the Board will be ~30.
  • For active membership, fellows will be given priority over non-fellows.
  • Voting for new active memberships will take place only if there is an objection. Such objection should be conveyed to the Senior Editor. The presence of the member who has such objection is mandatory at the subsequent meeting.
  • Active members who are no longer able to maintain active membership status because of scheduling conflicts may request consulting membership status.  Such requests will be discussed and voted on by the Board.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the membership registration form.