Redox Biology Final Examination 2016

Numerous registrants have requested a certificate upon completion of the Redox Biology (RB) course.  In order to obtain a certificate, you must answer 8 of the 12 questions below correctly.  In the final examination, 1 question is derived from each of the 1-hour lectures.  It is highly recommended that you have a copy of each PowerPoint presentation prior to taking the examination.

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The Exam
For the following 12 questions, please provide the best lettered answer for the numbered question: If a is the best answer, click (a). If b is the best answer, click (b). If c is the best answer, click (c). If a, b and c are correct, click (d). If neither a, b nor c are correct, click (e). You may choose only one lettered answer for each of the 12 questions. There is no time limit for the examination; however, it must be completed in one setting, so you cannot save your work. The exam is open-book and open-notes. Good luck.
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Question 3
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Question 12

If your final score

  • is 8 or more you have PASSED the exam and are eligible for a certificate
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  • is 7 or less you did NOT pass the exam and are not eligible for a certificate at this time