Dr. Soumya Korrapati, Ph.D.

Soumya Korrapati, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Women's Malignancies Branch


Dr. Korrapati's research focus is to enhance ovarian cancer treatments using immunotherapy approaches. She is particularly interested in the tumor microenvironment-immune cells interplay and ways to make innate and adaptive immune cells conducive to anti-tumor immune responses.

Areas of Expertise

1) immune cells infiltration and tumor microenvironment 2) mouse models of human diseases 3) signal transduction pathways


Selected Key Publications

Notch signaling limits supporting cell plasticity in the hair cell-damaged early postnatal murine cochlea

Soumya Korrapati, Isabelle Roux, Elisabeth Glowatzki, Angelika Doetzlhofer
PLoS One. 8(8): e73276, 2013.
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single-Cell RNA-Seq of Cisplatin-Treated adult stria vascularis identifies cell type-specific regulatory networks and novel therapeutic gene targets

Ian A Taukulis, Rafal T Olszewski, Soumya Korrapati, Katharine A Fernandez, Erich T Boger, Tracy S Fitzgerald, Robert J Morell, Lisa L Cunningham, Michael Hoa
Front Mol Neurosci. 14: 718241, 2021.
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TCR-engineered T cells targeting E7 for patients with metastatic HPV-associated epithelial cancers

Nisha B Nagarsheth, Scott M Norberg, Andrew L Sinkoe, Sabina Adhikary, Thomas J Meyer, Justin B Lack, Andrew C Warner, Colleen Schweitzer, Stacey L Doran, Soumya Korrapati, Sanja Stevanovic, Cornelia L Trimble, Jennifer A Kanakry, Mohammad Hadi Bagheri, Erin Ferraro, Stephanie H Astrow, Adrian Bot, William C Faquin, David Stroncek, Nikolaos G kitsas, Steven Highfill, Christian S Hinrichs
Nat. Med.. 27(3): 419-425, 2021.
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Smac-minmetic enhance antitumor effect of standard chemotherapy in ovarian cancer models via Caspase 8-independent mechanism

Lidia F Hernandez, Angie B Dull, Soumya Korrapati, Christina M Annunziata
Cell Death Discov.. 7(1): 134, 2021.
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