Dr. Solmaz Sahebjam

Solmaz Sahebjam, M.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Neuro-Oncology Branch


Dr. Sahebjam is a medical oncologist and neuro-oncologist at the Neuro-Oncology Branch (NOB), interested in developing new treatment strategies for cancer patients—specifically for those with primary and metastatic central nervous system tumors. 

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Areas of Expertise

1) Neuro-oncology 2) New drug development 3) Primary brain tumors 4) Immunotherapy 5) Precision therapy 6) Early phase clinical trials

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Selected Key Publications

Hypofractionated stereotactic re-irradiation with pembrolizumab and bevacizumab in patients with recurrent high-grade gliomas: results from a phase I study

Solmaz Sahebjam, Peter A Forsyth, Nam D Tran, John A Arrington, Robert Macaulay, Arnold B Etame, Christine M Walko, Theresa Boyle, Edwin N Peguero, Michael Jaglal, Sepideh Mokhtari, Heiko Enderling, Natarajan Raghunand, Tyra Gatewood, Wendy Long, Jennifer L Dzierzeski, Brittany Evernden, Timothy Robinson, Melissa C Wicklund, Sungjune Kim, Zachary J Thompson, Dung-Tsa Chen, Prakash Chinnaiyan, Hsiang-Hsuan Michael Yu
Neuo-Oncology. 23(4): 677-686, 2021.
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A Phase II Study of Abemaciclib in Patients with Brain Metastases Secondary to Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer

Sara M Tolaney, Solmaz Sahebjam, Emilie Le Rhun, Thomas Bachelot, Peter Kabos, Ahmad Awada, Denise Yardley, Arlene Chan, Pierfranco Conte, Véronique Diéras, Nancy U Lin, Melissa Bear, Sonya C Chapman, Zhengyu Yang, Yanyun Chen, Carey K Anders
Clinical Cancer Research. 26(20): 5310-5319, 2020.
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Intermittent radiotherapy as alternative treatment for recurrent high grade glioma: a modeling study based on longitudinal tumor measurements

Sarah C Brüningk, Jeffrey Peacock, Christopher J Whelan, Renee Brady-Nicholls, Hsiang-Hsuan M Yu, Solmaz Sahebjam, Heiko Enderling
Scientific Report. 11(1): 20219, 2021.
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Pertuzumab Plus High-Dose Trastuzumab in Patients With Progressive Brain Metastases and HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer: Primary Analysis of a Phase II Study

Nancy U Lin, Mark Pegram, Solmaz Sahebjam, Nuhad Ibrahim, Anita Fung, Anna Cheng, Alan Nicholas, Whitney Kirschbrown, Priya Kumthekar
Journal of Clinical Oncology. 39(24): 2667-2675, 2021.
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Effect of Nivolumab vs Bevacizumab in Patients With Recurrent Glioblastoma: The CheckMate 143 Phase 3 Randomized Clinical Trial

David A Reardon, Alba A Brandes, Antonio Omuro, Paul Mulholland, Michael Lim, Antje Wick, Joachim Baehring, Manmeet S Ahluwalia, Patrick Roth, Oliver Bähr, Surasak Phuphanich, Juan Manuel Sepulveda, Paul De Souza, Solmaz Sahebjam, Michael Carleton, Kay Tatsuoka, Corina Taitt, Ricardo Zwirtes, John Sampson, Michael Weller
JAMA Oncology. 6(7): 1003-1010, 2020.
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