Gary T. Pauly, Ph.D.

Gary T. Pauly, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Chemical Biology Laboratory


Chemistry Support Group

The Chemistry Support Group is a component of the Chemical Biology Laboratory which provides synthetic chemistry resources and expertise to the NCI intramural community. The facility's capabilities include:

- Providing expertise, consultation and experience in areas of chemical synthesis and purification.

- Providing custom synthesis and support for the development of small molecule tools or the synthesis of known ligands or probes which are not commercially available.

- Synthesis of materials for pre-clinical  investigations.

- Support for small-molecule drug discovery  through optimization of leads identified in high throughput screens.

- Collaborative short-term sabbatical-type opportunities for postdoctoral fellows who wish to gain synthetic chemistry experience.

The Chemistry Support Group provides a means to access chemical technology for those groups within the NCI intramural community which would not otherwise be capable of exploring these aspects of their research.

Areas of Expertise

1) chemical synthesis


Selected Key Publications

Plasma and CNS pharmacokinetics of O4-benzylfolic acid (O4BF) and metabolite in a non-human primate model

Chuk MK, Cole DE, McCully C, Loktionova NA, Pegg AE, Parker RJ, Pauly G, Widemann BC, Balis FM, Fox E.
Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol.. 67: 1291-7, 2011. [ Journal Article ]

The HIV-2 Rev-response element: determining secondary structure and defining folding intermediates

Lusvarghi S, Sztuba-Solinska J, Purzycka KJ, Pauly GT, Rausch JW, Grice SF.
Nucleic Acids Res.. 41: 6637-49, 2013. [ Journal Article ]

A comparison of the ability of rilpivirine (TMC278) and selected analogues to inhibit clinically relevant HIV-1 reverse transcriptase mutants

Johnson BC, Pauly GT, Rai G, Patel D, Bauman JD, Baker HL, Das K, Schneider JP, Maloney DJ, Arnold E, Thomas CJ, Hughes SH.
Retrovirology. 9: 99, 2012. [ Journal Article ]