David N. Danforth Jr., M.S., M.D.

David N. Danforth Jr., M.S., M.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Surgery Branch


Dr. Danforth’s research efforts are focused primarily on the molecular characteristics of early breast carcinogenesis which are present in normal breast epithelium and their use to develop a molecular signature for risk assessment, and to develop new targets for breast cancer prevention. An important second area of interest of Dr. Danforth are the disparities in breast cancer outcome between Caucasian, African American and Hispanic women, especially the molecular basis for these disparities and how they are influenced by health care, socioeconomic and other nonbiologic factors. A model has been developed to describe these relationships.

Areas of Expertise

1) molecular characteristics of breast epithelium 2) breast cancer disparities 3) breast carcinogenesis 4) breast cancer management 5) breast cancer prevention

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Selected Publications

An improved breast epithelial sampling method for molecular profiling and biomarker analysis in women at risk for breast cancer.

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Genomic changes in normal breast tissue at normal risk or at high risk for breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research. in press: [ Journal Article ]

Twenty-five year results of the national cancer institute randomized breast conservation trial

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Breast cancer during pregnancy: a comprehensive view

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