Darawalee Wangsa Zong, Ph.D.

Darawalee Wangsa Zong, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
Genetics Branch


To address the question of aneuploidy, our lab has generated artificial trisomies to determine what effect it would have on the transcriptome. We are interested in further utilizing these cell lines in our studies to identify the role aneuploidy-driven gene expression changes in tumorigenesis. We are also interested in elucidating the consequences of tumorigenesis on the three-dimensional (3D) architecture of chromosomes and exploring its impact on transcriptional activity

Areas of Expertise

1) chromosomal aneuploidy, 2) tumorigenesis


Selected Recent Publications

Chromosome mis-segregation and cytokinesis failure in trisomic human cells

Nicholson JM, Macedo JC, Mattingly AJ, Wangsa D, Camps J, Lima V, Gomes AM, Dória S, Ried T, Logarinho E, Cimini D.
eLife. May 5: 2015. [ Journal Article ]

Telomerase variant A279T induces telomere dysfunction and inhibits non-canonical telomerase activity in esophageal carcinomas

Zhang Y, Calado R, Rao M, Hong JA, Meeker AK, Dumitriu B, Atay S, McCormick PJ, Garfield SH, Wangsa D, Padilla-Nash HM, Burkett S, Zhang M, Kunst TF, Peterson NR, Xi S, Inchauste S, Altorki NK, Casson AG, Beer DG, Harris CC, Ried T, Young NS, Schrump DS.
PLoS One. 9(7): e101010., 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Loss of lamin B1 results in prolongation of S phase and decondensation of chromosome territories

Camps J, Wangsa D, Falke M, Brown M, Case CM, Erdos MR, Ried T.
FASEB J. 28(8): 3423-34, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Genome-wide analysis of HPV integration in human cancers reveals recurrent, focal genomic instability

Akagi K, Li J, Broutian TR, Padilla-Nash H, Xiao W, Jiang B, Rocco JW, Teknos TN, Kumar B, Wangsa D, He D, Ried T, Symer DE, Gillison ML.
Genome Res. 24(2): 185-99, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Spatial dynamics of chromosome translocations in living cells

Roukos V, Voss TC, Schmidt CK, Lee S, Wangsa D, Misteli T.
Science. 341(6146): 660-4, 2013. [ Journal Article ]