Anu Puri, Ph.D.

Anu Puri, Ph.D.

  • Center for Cancer Research
  • National Cancer Institute
RNA Biology Laboratory


Dr. Puri is developing cancer nanomedicine tools (including small molecule drugs and RNAi therapeutics) that are activated by light for on-demand drug release to improve cancer treatment of patients. She is also developing nanobiosensors for raid detection of pathogens in patient’s samples.

Dr. Puri’s research focuses on the unfolding mechanisms of entry pathways of enveloped viruses. Using cell biological, biophysical, biochemical approaches, she has studied the assemblies of molecular scaffolds of viral proteins and their receptors that are essential for infection of rhabdo, orthomyxo, paramyxo and retroviruses.

Areas of Expertise

1) biomembranes, 2) membrane lipids (structure, function and analysis), 3) virology (virus-receptor interactions), 4) nanomedicine, 5) lipid-based drug delivery platforms, RNAi therapeutics


Selected Publications

Elevated expression of GM3 in receptor-bearing targets confers resistance to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 fusion

Rawat SS, Gallo SA, Eaton J, Martin TD, Ablan S, KewalRamani VN, Wang JM, Blumenthal R, Puri A.
J Virol. 78: 7360-8, 2004. [ Journal Article ]

Conformational changes and fusion activity of influenza virus hemagglutinin of the H2 and H3 subtypes: effects of acid pretreatment

Puri A, Booy FP, Doms RW, White JM, Blumenthal R.
J Virol. 64: 3824-32, 1990. [ Journal Article ]

Activation of vesicular stomatitis virus fusion with cells by pretreatment at low pH

Puri A, Winick J, Lowy RJ, Covell D, Eidelman O, Walter A, Blumenthal R.
J Biol Chem. 263: 4749-53, 1988. [ Journal Article ]

Phototriggerable Liposomes: Current Research and Future Perspectives (Invited Review)

Puri A.
Pharmaceutics. 6: 41654, 2014. [ Journal Article ]

Hyperthermia-triggered intracellular delivery of anticancer agent to HER2(+) cells by HER2-specific affibody (ZHER2-GS-Cys)-conjugated thermosensitive liposomes (HER2(+) affisomes)

Smith B, Lyakhov I, Loomis K, Needle D, Baxa U, Yavlovich A, Capala J, Blumenthal R, Puri A.
J Control Release. 153: 187-94, 2011. [ Journal Article ]