Application of Ring-Closing Metathesis to Grb2 SH3 Domain-Binding Peptides

Cover of Biopolymers Peptide Science, July 5, 2011

In silico-generated hypothetical interactions of a ring-closing metathesis-macrocylized peptide bound to the amino terminal SH3 domain of the growth factor receptor bound protein 2 (Grb2). The complex was derived from the NMR solution structure of the bound parent peptide, Ac-V-P-P-P-V-P-P-R-R-R-amide (Protein Data Bank: 3GBQ). The protein surface is shown as electrostatic potential (blue = positive; red = negative).


Chemical Biology Laboratory

Fa Liu, Alessio Giubellino, Philip C. Simister, Wenjian Qian, Michael C. Giano, Stephan M. Feller, Donald P. Bottaro and Terrence R. Burke Jr. in Peptide Science201196 (6), 780–788.

Published Date: 
July, 2011