CCR Celebrates Cancer Survivors #NCSD2016

At the Center for Cancer Research, we are home to an extraordinary group of practicing physicians and scientists who passionately explore the boundaries of research to unlock the mysteries of cancer, a disease that touches nearly every American.

Every day, our physicians and their dedicated teams work to help cancer patients and their families by harnessing the latest emerging treatments and techniques at the NIH Clinical Center, the world’s largest research hospital.

These patients are the heroes of clinical research.  Without them progress would be impossible.  From our labs to our doctors’ offices, we strive to improve patient outcomes through creating innovative ways to treat patients.

If you are interested in learning about being treated here or have a story to share, please call 301-496-4345.

Here are some of their stories:

“I felt so fortunate to get into my protocol. It was so wonderful to be somewhere where the doctors knew what was going on. This facility is just wonderful. [My wife and I] tell everybody:  if you have something that is difficult to treat, come here. If you want to see your tax dollars at work, this is the place.  It is wonderful. When we were here, we were family.”

Richard and Suzanne R.,
Survivor and his wife/caregiver

“It was a blessing to come here and be a patient.  The people here are amazing.  They work with their hearts.  The nurses are amazing.”

Rula N., Survivor

“The experience is comforting. Everyone tries to cheer you up and get you to think positively. They make you have faith. The nurses are really great.  Since the beginning, they were great with her.  It made a difference in the treatment. They offer you hope here.

Aurelis S., mother of
13 year old Elenit R., Survivor

"You get the best care here - I always loved coming here and I got great care as a kid. The staff are very kind and compassionate – it is like a family atmosphere. The fact that they remember me, although I only come here once a year, is very special."

Laurel S.,
Brain Tumor Survivor