Registration open for "Cancer and Immunotherapy: From Conception to Delivery" symposium

immune cell attacking a cancer cell

A pseudo-colored scanning electron micrograph of an oral squamous cancer cell (white) being attacked by two cytotoxic T cells (red), part of a natural immune response.

Credit: Rita Elena Serda, Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine, National Cancer Institute, NIH

The Annual Immunology Symposium, sponsored by the CCR’s Center of Excellence in Immunology will be held this fall on October 12-13th in Masur and Lipsett Auditorium in Building 10.  This year’s theme is "Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy:  From Conception to Delivery", and the symposium will be chaired by Drs. Nicholas Restifo and Steve Rosenberg. Session topics include: CAR-based Therapies, Tumor Recognition, Checkpoint Modulators, T Lymphocyte Biology and Cancer Vaccines. The speaker list features many luminaries in the field, including James Allison, Nicholas Restifo, Steven Rosenberg, Robert Schreiber, Jedd Wolchok, Suzanne Topalian, Antoni Ribas, Malcolm Brenner, Michel Sadelain, Carl June, Stanley Riddell, James Kochenderfer, Crystal Mackall, Ira Mellman, Tyler Jacks, Ton Schumacher, Dirk Busch, Alexander Sasha Rudensky, Thomas Waldmann, Ira Pastan, Ugur Sahin, Jeffrey Schlom, Thomas Gajewski and Laurence Zitvogel. 

The full meeting program, online registration and instructions for submitting abstracts for consideration in the poster session can be found on the registration website.  The meeting will also be webcast throughout the HHS.  Given the exciting advances in the immunotherapy of cancer in recent years, this is a timely and premier event for the immunology community. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Summary Posted: Thu, 06/01/2017