Neuro-Oncology Branch: Clinical Center Appointments

1. Visit the Admissions Department

Registering is the first step to being evaluated by the Brain Tumor Clinic. Visit Admissions to get registered as a patient. They will ask you for your contact information and provide you with a patient identification number.

2. Proceed to the NOB Clinic

Proceed to the Brain Tumor Clinic on the 13th floor.

3. Meet the Care Team

You will be seen by our clinical care team, which could include nurses, nurse practitioners, a neuro-oncology fellow, and a staff neuro-oncologist. You may also be seen by members of our neurosurgical and neuro-radiation therapy teams, as well as other subspecialty teams (i.e., ophthalmology, dermatology) as indicated by your clinical condition. We may need to do additional tests, such as specialized MRIs or CT scans, while you are here. Please prepare to spend a significant amount of your first day at the clinic.

4. Information and Your Referring Physician

With your permission, we will talk with your referring physician about recommended treatment options, including clinical trials when appropriate. These trials include Phase I and II studies that employ new chemotherapeutic, biological, and immunological agents.