Liver Cancer Program: Our Vision

Scientist looking through a microscope (iStock)The mission of the NCI-CCR-LCP is to develop a multi-disciplinary program focused on the prevention, early detection, improved diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer. Liver cancer is the 2nd most common cause of cancer-related death worldwide.

In the United States, liver cancer is the 5th most common cause of cancer-related death with significantly higher mortality in minorities, and is one of the few cancers with rising incidence and mortality, with 40,000 new cases of liver cancer diagnosed per year. Liver cancer remains a difficult-to treat disease with sub-optimal patient diagnosis and poor patient survival mainly due to the lack of screening tools, advanced stage of tumors at diagnosis, and the lack of approved novel therapies.

To address these dire concerns, the NCI-CCR-LCP will consolidate expertise and create an interactive and collaborative environment to foster liver cancer care and research through innovative laboratory studies and promising clinical applications, such as molecular subgrouping of patients and biomarker-guided molecularly-targeted therapies.

Our multidisciplinary research and clinical team will apply a transdisciplinary approach with integration of research and clinical expertise to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and outcome of patients with liver disease and cancer.