Staff News at CCR


Photo of Tom Misteli, Ph.D.
(Photo: R. Baer)

Tom Misteli, Ph.D.

Tom Misteli has been named CCR Director. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of London, U.K., and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. He has served as CCR Senior Deputy for Research and was recently named an NIH Distinguished Investigator. Misteli is an internationally recognized leader in the field of genome cell biology and is best known for development of imaging approaches to study genomes and gene expression.

Photo of William Dahut, M.D.
(Photo: R. Baer)

William Dahut, M.D.

William Dahut has been named CCR Acting Scientific Director for Clinical Research. He received his M.D. from Georgetown University and completed clinical training in internal medicine at the National Naval Medical Center. He completed a fellowship in hematology/ oncology at the former NCI-Navy Medical Oncology Branch. He returned to NCI in 1998 as Head of the Prostate Cancer Clinic, and in 2009, he was appointed CCR Clinical Director, a position he will retain. Dahut is a leader in the development of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

Photo of Shyam K. Sharan, Ph.D.
(Photo: R. Baer)

Shyam K. Sharan, Ph.D.

Shyam K. Sharan has been named Director of CCR’s Center for Advanced Preclinical Research. He received his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. He completed postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Associate. He then joined NCI’s Mammalian Genetics Laboratory, which is now the Mouse Cancer Genetics Program. Sharan’s laboratory has generated humanized and mouse models for functional dissection of BRCA1/2 genes. His lab pioneered the use of mouse embryonic stem cells to evaluate the functional significance of human variants of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

New Tenure-Track Scientists

Photo of Gregoire Altan-Bonnet, Ph.D.
(Photo: B. Branson)

Grégoire Altan-Bonnet, Ph.D.

Grégoire Altan-Bonnet joins CCR’s Cancer and Inflammation Program as an Earl Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator. His research focuses on systems immunology, i.e., the development of experimentally validated quantitative models of the immune response against tumors towards better cancer immunotherapies. Specifically, the Altan-Bonnet lab aims at integrating signal transduction, gene regulation, cytokine communications, cell differentiation, and proliferation/death across multiple spatio-temporal scales.

Photo of Natasha Caplen, Ph.D.
(Photo: B. Branson)

Natasha Caplen, Ph.D.

Natasha Caplen is now a Tenure-Track Investigator in CCR’s Genetics Branch. She joined CCR in 2004 as a Senior Scientist, where she pioneered approaches for exploiting RNAi to investigate cancer biology and treatment and helped establish a trans-NIH facility for genome-wide RNAi screening. Her current research focuses on using functional genetic methods to interrogate specific aspects of the genetic, transcriptional, and signaling alterations observed in cancers driven by fusion oncogenes.

Photo of Mioara Larion, Ph.D.
(Photo: Irismagic Photo Studios)

Mioara Larion, Ph.D.

Mioara Larion joins CCR’s Neuro-Oncology Branch. Her research focuses on understanding the metabolic changes in brain tumors such as glioblastoma multiforme. She is also interested in the mechanism(s) by which mutations in the IDH1/2 enzyme lead to the formation of D-2HG and tumorigenesis, and in how to deplete D-2HG via the action of D-2HGDH enzyme.

Photo of Chun Zhang Yang, Ph.D.
(Photo: Wenjia Fan)

Chun Zhang Yang, Ph.D.

Chun Zhang Yang joins CCR’s Neuro-Oncology Branch. His research focuses on signaling pathways, functional genetics, and metabolomics in cancers of the central nervous system. Yang leads collaborative translational research studies focused on understanding the molecular basis of brain tumor oncogenesis and malignancy, with an effort to identify novel therapeutic strategies.