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CCR Central Video Tutorials

CCR Central Tutorial Videos

This page contains brief tutorial videos for CCR Central, a new intranet resource for all CCR staff members. These videos cover a range of topics including how to access CCR Central, how to navigate on CCR Central and how to provide your feedback on this resource.

How to Access CCR Central:

Here's how to easily access CCR Central from a Mac, PC, or even the web.

CCR Central Home Page 101:

Quickly review the main sections of CCR Central, which are organized by topic and review the various components of the CCR Central home page.

How to Navigate CCR Central:

There are different ways to navigate the various sections on CCR Central. You can explore individual sections on the main page or simply search for what you are looking for by using the "Search CCR Central" bar.

Please note: to search for content on CCR Central you must use the "Search CCR Central" search bar. The main search will not provide results for CCR Central.

How to Provide Your Feedback:

Let us know how to make CCR Central a better resource for you. The feedback button located on the bottom right hand corner of every page on CCR Central. 


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Web Design and Development Support

Web Design and Development Support


Before requesting web design/development support, please do some planning.

  1. What level of support are you requesting?
    • I want to add an additional page/tab to an existing website
    • I want to re-design an existing website/page
    • I want to create a new website/page
  2. Who is your target audience? 
    • CCR/NCI/NIH staff versus extramural staff; scientific vs. general public; etc.
  3. What is the purpose/goals of the site?
    • Briefly describe what information you are trying to convey to the users of your site
  4. Have you identified a Lead Content Manager within your group for this project?
    • The Lead Content Manager is responsible for organizing and providing all content (text, images) required to develop the site.
  5. Is all the content (i.e., text, images) you would like to populate the pages of your site prepared?
    • Is the content organized and ready-to-go to send to the web team or will your group need time to develop the content?
  6. Have you identified a Local Web Content Manager(s) who will manage the site after it is launched?
    • The local content manager(s) is responsible for keeping page content up-to-date and must be trained first.
    • Please designate someone who is committed to keeping the site’s content current.

How to Request Support

Click the button below to get your request added to the CCR web projects and tasks list. New requests are prioritized by the Office of the Director (OD) Web Planning Group during their bi-weekly meeting. If any additional information is needed, you will be contacted by Sue Fox.

Request Web Support 


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Updating Web Content

Updating Web Content

Local Web Content Managers

Each Lab/Branch Chief has designated one or more staff members to serve as local web content managers.  These staff have been trained and can access and edit most of the content on their Lab/Branch website, including the web profiles of all principal investigators, staff clinicians, staff scientists and other key staff who have a profile.  Please contact your local content manager(s) for assistance in updating your profile. 

List of Local Content Managers

Questions?  Contact Sue Fox or Ave Cline.

About Web Profiles

Web profiles are required for all Senior Investigators, Tenure Track Investigators, Assistant Clinical Investigators, Senior Clinicians, and Senior Scientists.

Profiles are highly recommended for Staff Clinicians, Staff Scientists, Core Facility Heads, and Scientist Emeriti.

Important: Some web content (e.g., Team page) cannot be updated by your local web content manager. Click the buttons below to update your team, request a job vacancy, or provide the content required to set up a web profile for a new investigator.

Update Your Team

Request a Job Announcement

Request a Web Profile

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NCI-CCR Templates

NCI-CCR Templates

Scientific Poster Templates

Scientific posters require the HHS-NIH-NCI logo lockup in the top right corner of the poster. This logo lockup may only be used on scientific posters when NCI staff are presenting the research and should be the only logo on the poster. Logos of non-NCI collaborators may not be included, although their affiliations would be listed in the authors section. The logo lockup file may not be used by any external collaborators on their posters. For information on logo use, see the NCI Branding and Logo Use Guidelines or contact Li Gwatkin or the NCI Branding Team.

Download the Scientific Poster templates (NIH login required):  [Note: PRINT POSTERS AT 200%]

How to Print a Poster

The Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) offers poster printers for NCI staff use. Read below for instructions and helpful tips to make poster printing a breeze.

Poster printer locations include both Mac and PC Kiosks:

  • Building 10 (2B34)
  • Building 37 (outside B1042)
  • Building 41 (main hallway near A100)
  • NCI Shady Grove (2E110)
  • Advanced Technology Center (228, outside conference room)



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Social Media

Social Media

Are you interested in getting into social media?  This page explains NIH-NCI-CCR social media policies.

  • CCR staff members can request an official CCR Twitter account at Lab or Branch level
  • Typically, NCI does not grant official twitter accounts to individuals
  • Official Facebook, Instagram, YouTube accounts and blogs are at the NCI level
  • If you have a great image or story to share via social media "Tell CCR"

NCI Guidelines

Guidelines and policies are available on myNCI (NIH login required):

Request an Official CCR Twitter Account

Current CCR Social Media Accounts

Want to Host a Social Media (Facebook Live,Twitter) Event?


Upcoming NCI Social Media Events





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Other Clearance Processes

Other Clearance Processes

The CCR Office of the Director is also responsible for ensuring that our scientists follow NIH/NCI clearance requirements. In addition to the clearance of manuscripts, press releases, and media interactions, the following activities require clearance:

Materials for Clinical Trials Patient Recruitment

  • A number of options are available to help you in recruiting patients for your clinical trials, including patient stories, social media, web design, and advocacy (see CCR Clinical Communications Toolkit). To discuss, please contact Aubrey Wachter.

Interactions with Members of Congress 

Outside Activities (i.e., conflict-of-interest issues)


  • If you still have questions, please contact Li Gwatkin.


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Resources for Local Content Managers

Resources for Local Content Managers

  • User Guide
  • User Guide (under development)
Important: There are some content areas (e.g., Team page) that you cannot access/edit as a local web content manager. Click the buttons below to update an investigator's team (or several investigators' teams), request a job vacancy, or provide the content required to set up a web profile for a new investigator.

Update a Team(s)

Request a Job Announcement

Request a Web Profile

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Press Releases: Criteria & Clearance Process

Press Releases: Criteria & Clearance Process

Quite often, we receive requests to issue or to clear press releases.   While the term is often used quite loosely, a document is only a press release if it is formally issued by an organization to members of the media with the goal of encouraging the press to write or develop stories on the given subject.

How to Request a Press Release to be Issued by NCI

If you feel your paper is particularly newsworthy and may merit press coverage, please submit the paper before it is published to “Tell CCR” at and we can help you determine how best to increase awareness around your work.  For publications that meet NCI criteria, CCR will submit a request to the NCI Office of Communications and Public Liaison.

Consult the NCI Press Releases: Criteria & Clearance Process (NIH login required) to learn more details.

How to Request Clearance for Press Releases Issued by Collaborators

Often, scientific collaborators wish to issue press releases announcing collaborations with CCR scientists, or publications or abstracts related to the collaborations. 

Please contact Li Gwatkin for assistance in clearing these documents.

Press Releases Distributed by Licensing and CRADA Partners

Companies engaged in Licensing and/or Collaborative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) often distribute press releases about the collaborations, or publications and abstracts related to this work, and often ask for investigator input.  These documents go through a process of review coordinated by the Technology Transfer Office. 

Please contact your Tech Transfer Specialist for help in clearing these documents.

Other Press Releases

If you’ve been asked to contribute to other types of press releases or related materials, please contact Li Gwatkin to determine what clearance may be needed.

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