Staff Scientist - DNA damage and repair

Staff Name: 
Andre Nussenzweig, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Genome Integrity
Research Area Keywords: 

DNA damage and repair, replication, breast cancer, genomics

Position Description: 

One (1) staff scientist position is available in October 2019 in the Laboratory of Genome Integrity (Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health) to use computational methods in the study of mechanisms involved in DNA double-strand break repair and the roles of repair and replication proteins in a variety of cancers that include leukemias and breast cancers, using mouse models. The ideal candidate will play a leading role in providing computational and biological insight by analyzing large data sets derived from genomics, epigenetics and proteomics experiments. The position will emphasize efforts to understand gene regulation, chromatin, regulatory and coding variation and its relation to cancer. The position will support all laboratory investigators who use applications involving high-throughput DNA sequencing methods for a variety of assays, including RNA-seq, exon sequencing, ATAC-seq, DNase-seq, ChIP-seq and newer and cutting-edge methodologies such as END-seq that have recently been developed.  Salary is commensurate with experience.

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C.V. Required: 
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Experience Required: 

Qualified candidates should have:

  • A Ph.D. in computational biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, or related field with no more than five (5) years of postdoc experience;
  • Research fellows in the NCI are encouraged to apply;
  • Ability to program in Python/Perl and R/Matlab in Unix environment is required;
  • Knowledge of SQL will be considered a plus;
  • Demonstrated applied bioinformatics/computational proficiency as evidenced by relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals;
  • Strong computational as well as a strong biological background;
  • An interdisciplinary background in bioinformatics & computational biology;
  • Advanced expertise in the analysis and interpretation of sequencing data generated in-house and its integration with other “omics” data sources such as ENCODE and TCGA;
  • Laboratory bench experience, while not essential, will be considered an advantage.
How To Apply: 

Candidates should send CV and three (3) letters of reference via email directly to

Contact Name: 
Sam John
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HHS, NIH, and NCI are Equal Opportunity Employers