Title Location Keywords Organization Category Post Date
Senior Laboratory Animal Technician Frederick

laboratory animal, research technician, breeding colony

Office of the Director Laboratory/Support Jan 20, 2018
Electron Microscopist/Structural Biologist Frederick

cryo EM, Titan Krios, electron microscopy, microED

Office of the Director Laboratory/Support Jan 18, 2018
Scientist/Senior Scientist Frederick


RNA Biology Laboratory Laboratory/Support Jan 18, 2018
Facility Head Bethesda

microscopy, cancer biology, confocal

Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics Laboratory/Support Jan 17, 2018
Senior Clinician Bethesda

genitourinary malignancies; thoracic malignancies; gastrointestinal malignancies; lymphomas; pediatric cancers; genetic tumor predisposition syndromes

Office of the Director Research Faculty Jan 10, 2018
Protein Production Associate Frederick

protein expression, insect cell culture

Office of the Director Laboratory/Support Jan 8, 2018
Research Associate Bethesda

NGS, sequencing

Genetics Branch Laboratory/Support Jan 8, 2018
Tenure Track Investigators Bethesda

chromosome biology, chromatin biology, RNA biology

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Faculty Jan 8, 2018
Tenure Eligible/Tenure Track Investigator Bethesda

HIV–related malignancies, viral oncogenesis

HIV and AIDS Malignancy Branch Research Faculty Jan 8, 2018
Tenure Track/Tenure Eligible Investigators Frederick

RNA biology, RNA-binding proteins, noncoding RNAs

RNA Biology Laboratory Research Faculty Jan 8, 2018
Flow Cytometry Scientist Frederick

flow cytometry, fluorescence cell sorting

Cancer and Inflammation Program Laboratory/Support Jan 3, 2018