Title Location Keywords Organization Category Post Date
Investigator/Senior Investigator - pediatric oncology Bethesda

pediatric refractory solid tumor, brain tumor, leukemia

Pediatric Oncology Branch Research Faculty Nov 19, 2019
Staff Scientists - Bioinformatics, data analysis Bethesda

Bioinformatics, data analysis, machine learning

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Laboratory/Support, Information Technology (IT) Nov 18, 2019
Staff Scientist - thyroid cancer, endocrine oncology Bethesda

thyroid cancer, endocrine oncology, tumor microenvironment, drug delivery

Surgical Oncology Program Laboratory/Support Nov 14, 2019
Staff Scientist - cellular immunology, cancer immunotherapy Bethesda

Cellular Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy

Surgery Branch Laboratory/Support Nov 14, 2019
Staff Scientist - Immunotherapy, Lymphocytes Bethesda

Immunotherapy, Lymphocytes

Surgery Branch Laboratory/Support Nov 7, 2019
Bioinformatician - cancer, genomics, RNAseq Bethesda

immunotherapy, cancer, genomics, RNAseq

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology Clinical Trials/Patient Care, Laboratory/Support Nov 5, 2019
Staff Scientist - high-throughput imaging Bethesda

High-Throughput Imaging, Functional Genomics Screening

Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression Laboratory/Support Oct 15, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow - Computational and Statistical Cancer Genomics Bethesda

Computational and Statistical Cancer Genomics

Laboratory of Pathology, Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training, Information Technology (IT) Oct 3, 2019
Staff Scientist - bioinformatics, data analysis, RNAseq Bethesda

bioinformatics, data analysis, RNAseq 

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Immune Cell Biology Laboratory/Support Sep 27, 2019
Tenure Track Investigator - ionizing radiation, cancer biology Bethesda

ionizing radiation, cancer biology

Radiation Oncology Branch Research Faculty Sep 24, 2019
Physician-Scientist Early Investigator Program Bethesda

early career physician, bench-to-bedside research, clinical-based research

Research Faculty Aug 14, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellows - computational data analysis Bethesda

computational data analysis

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training, Information Technology (IT)