Title Locationsort descending Keywords Organization Category Post Date
Postdoctoral Fellow- Chromosome Biology, Genomics Bethesda

Chromosome Biology, Developmental Biology, Genomics 

Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression Training Apr 9, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- Ras, CRISPR Bethesda

Ras, CRISPR, Synthetic Lethality, Signaling

Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics Training Apr 10, 2019
Research Nurse - clinical trials, patient care Bethesda

research nurse, clinical trials, patient care

Office of the Clinical Director Clinical Trials/Patient Care
Postdoctoral Fellow- head and neck cancers Bethesda

head and neck cancer, epigenetics, protein methylation

Thoracic and GI Malignancies Branch Training Apr 10, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- Single-cell Genomics Bethesda

Single-cell Genomics, Chromosome Biology, Gene Expression

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Training Apr 8, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- Immunotherapy, Immunology, Brain Cancer Bethesda

Immunotherapy, Immunology, Brain Cancer

Neuro-Oncology Branch Training Apr 26, 2019
Clinical Fellow - urology, oncology Bethesda

urology, oncology, fellowship, training

Urologic Oncology Branch Clinical Trials/Patient Care, Training
Postdoctoral Fellow- RNA, Molecular Biology Bethesda

epitranscriptome, mRNA, tRNA, molecular biology, translation

Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression Training Apr 26, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellows - computational data analysis Bethesda

computational data analysis

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training, Information Technology (IT)
Clinical Fellows - Surgical Oncology Bethesda

Surgical Oncology, Fellowship, Training, Postdoctoral 

Surgical Oncology Program Clinical Trials/Patient Care, Training Dec 20, 2018
Postdoctoral Fellow- Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Bethesda

immunology, immunotherapy, transplantation

Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch Training May 1, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- Machine Learning, Image Processing Bethesda

Machine Learning, Image Processing, Deep Learning

Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression Training Apr 10, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellows- Bioinformatics Bethesda

bioinformatics, big data integration, cancer immunology

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training May 3, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow - immunotherapeutics Bethesda

thoracic malignancy, immunotherapeutics 

Thoracic Surgery Branch Training May 10, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- bioinformatics, epigenomics Bethesda

bioinformatics, transcriptional regulation, epigenomics

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training May 6, 2019
Bioinformatician - cancer, genomics, RNAseq Bethesda

immunotherapy, cancer, genomics, RNAseq

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology Clinical Trials/Patient Care, Laboratory/Support May 24, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- Computational biology, algorithms Bethesda

Computational biology, algorithms, information theory

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training May 6, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow - immunology, developmental biology Bethesda

immunology, developmental biology, molecular biology

Experimental Immunology Branch Training Apr 1, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow - Computational and Statistical Cancer Genomics Bethesda

Cancer Genomics, Epigenomics, Computational, Pathology

Laboratory of Pathology Training May 14, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- Radiation Oncology, Molecular Therapeutics Bethesda

Radiation Oncology, Molecular Therapeutics, Epigenetics

Radiation Oncology Branch Training May 20, 2019
Postbaccalaureate Fellow - Gastric Cancer Bethesda

Hereditary gastric cancer, Cancer metastasis, Gastric carcinogenesis

Surgical Oncology Program Training Mar 27, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow- cancer biology, protein chemistry, brain tumor Bethesda

cancer biology, protein chemistry, brain tumor

Neuro-Oncology Branch Training May 22, 2019
Clinical Cancer Geneticist - Genetics, Genomics Bethesda

Genetics, Genomics

Genetics Branch Clinical Trials/Patient Care Apr 2, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow - Mucosal Immunology Bethesda

Mucosal Immunology

Vaccine Branch Training Apr 2, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellows - immunology, immunotherapy Bethesda

immunology, immunotherapy, experimental pathology

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology Training