Title Locationsort descending Keywords Organization Category Post Date
Postdoctoral Fellows- Bioinformatics Bethesda

bioinformatics, big data integration, cancer immunology

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training Sep 12, 2019
Tenure Track Investigator - Cancer Genomics Bethesda

cancer genomics, diagnostic pathology

Laboratory of Pathology Research Faculty May 22, 2020
Tenure Track Investigator - women's malignancies Bethesda

breast cancer, gynecological malignancies

Women's Malignancies Branch Research Faculty May 22, 2020
Senior Clinician - Molecular Imaging Bethesda


Molecular Imaging Program Research Faculty May 13, 2020
Clinical Fellow - urology, oncology Bethesda

urology, oncology, fellowship, training

Urologic Oncology Branch Clinical Trials/Patient Care, Training
Postdoctoral Fellow - computational biology, DNA damage and repair Bethesda

DNA damage, DNA repair, computational biology, genomics

Laboratory of Genome Integrity Training May 19, 2020
Postdoctoral Fellows - computational data analysis Bethesda

computational data analysis

Cancer Data Science Laboratory Training, Information Technology (IT)
Postdoctoral Fellow - nanobiology, cancer Bethesda

exosomes, nanobiology, biochemistry, HPLC, flow cytometry

Laboratory of Pathology Training Jun 22, 2020
Postdoctoral Fellow - Immunology Bethesda

exosomes, nanobiology, immunology, mouse model

Laboratory of Pathology Training Jun 22, 2020
Clinical Fellows - Surgical Oncology Bethesda

Surgical Oncology, Fellowship, Training, Postdoctoral 

Surgical Oncology Program Clinical Trials/Patient Care, Training Dec 20, 2018
Postdoctoral Fellow - WNT signaling in cancer Bethesda

WNT signaling, development, stem cells, cancer

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Jun 9, 2020
Postdoctoral Fellow - Signaling, stem cells Bethesda

Skin, GPCR, cAMP, GNAS, PKA, BCC, SCC, signaling, stem cells

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology Training Jun 12, 2020
Director, Office of Research Nursing Bethesda

oncology, clinical trials, research, nursing, management

Office of the Clinical Director Clinical Trials/Patient Care Jun 5, 2020
Research Nurse - clinical trials, patient care Bethesda

research nurse, clinical trials, patient care

Office of the Clinical Director Clinical Trials/Patient Care
Staff Scientist - Cell & Molecular Biology Bethesda

Cancer, Cell & Molecular Biology, Mesothelioma

Thoracic Surgery Branch Laboratory/Support Jun 15, 2020
Physician-Scientist Early Investigator Program (PEIP) 2020 Bethesda

oncology, pathology, urology, myeloid malginancies, epidemiology, genetics

Research Faculty Aug 14, 2019
Postdoctoral Fellow - tumor immunology, cancer biology Bethesda

tumor immunology, cancer biology

Thoracic and GI Malignancies Branch Training Jun 30, 2020
Assistant Research Physician - physician, bench-to-bedside research Bethesda

physician, bench-to-bedside research, clinical trials 

Women's Malignancies Branch Clinical Trials/Patient Care Jun 2, 2020
Postdoctoral Fellows - immunology, immunotherapy Bethesda

immunology, immunotherapy, experimental pathology

Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology Training
Postdoctoral Fellow - immunology, immunotherapy Bethesda

immunology, immunotherapy, metastasis, TME, computational

Pediatric Oncology Branch Training Jun 26, 2020
Staff Scientist - Flow cytometry core facility Bethesda

Flow cytometry core facility

Laboratory of Pathology Laboratory/Support Jun 30, 2020
Staff Scientist - chromatin, atomic force microscopy Bethesda

chromatin, atomic force microscopy, centromeres, nucleosomes

Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression Laboratory/Support Jul 2, 2020
Postdoctoral Fellow - RNA biology, alternative splicing Frederick

RNA biology, alternative splicing, CRISPR technology

RNA Biology Laboratory Training Jun 23, 2020
Postdoctoral Fellow - Cilia biology and Membrane Trafficking Frederick

Cilia, cell biology, microscopy, membrane trafficking

Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling Training May 13, 2020
Senior Investigator (Structural Biology) Frederick

Transmission Electron Microscopy; Real-Time Cryo-EM

Structural Biophysics Laboratory Research Faculty Jun 10, 2020