Postdoctoral Fellow

Thoracic Surgery Branch
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thoracic malignancy

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A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in the Thoracic and Oncologic Surgery Branch (TOSB), National Cancer Institute, NIH.

Our broad goal is to explore the molecular and cellular biology of thoracic cancers, namely mesothelioma and/ or, thymoma, non-small cell lung carcinoma etc.  Currently, we have projects that involve (1) investigating microRNA-mRNA interactions in malignant mesothelioma, (2) on the pathogenic signaling pathways relevant to tumor initiation, invasion, metastasis, and resistance, (3) novel local therapeutic delivery system(s) able to carry diverse types of payloads including nucleic acid, immunotherapeutics, targeted small molecule agents, or antibodies, as well as several other translational-based endeavors.  With these projects, we have aims of developing novel molecular biomarkers and therapeutic targets based on an understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms active in these cancers.  The culmination of these projects will be linked to clinical human protocols in these thoracic cancers of interest.   

This is a great opportunity for candidates who are interested in cancer biology and want to enhance their career potential by working in our research program with outstanding support of other established laboratories and core facilities in the National Cancer Institute.  This laboratory effort will be in close collaboration with other faculty in our branch, within the NIH community at large and/ or extramural collaborators.

We highly value a team-based approach.  Individuals with self-motivation and willingness to collaborate will be most successful in this environment. 

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Qualified candidates should have a Ph.D. in a biological science area or the equivalent background (M.D., M.B.B.S., etc) with one to five years of postdoctoral experience.  A background and working knowledge in molecular and cellular biology and/or immunology is required.  Familiarity with basic techniques including DNA/ RNA isolation, cell culture techniques, Western-blot, quantitative PCR, immunohistochemistry, ChIP, retroviral or lentiviral transfections, FACS sorting, and working with mice are a must.  Knowledge and/or experience in bioinformatics, biostatistics, mutation detection, microarray analysis, RNA-seq and other sequencing methodology, and microRNA is preferred.  Previous research experience in cancer or stem cell biology or immunology is advantageous, but not required.

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Please submit a current curriculum vitae with statement of career goals, and three references with names/email addresses to:

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Jan Pappas
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HHS, NIH, and NCI are Equal Opportunity Employers