Postdoctoral Fellow

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Terry P. Yamaguchi, Ph.D.
Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory
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Wnt, FGF, stem cells, embryonic development

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A new Postdoctoral Fellow position is immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Terry Yamaguchi at the National Cancer Institute. Dr.Yamaguchi's lab investigates how secreted growth factors regulate the gene regulatory networks that control the fate of embryonic and adult stem cells. Current projects focus on understanding how Wnts and Fgfs regulate the formation and differentiation of the neuromesodermal progenitor (NMP), a multipotent embryonic cell that generates the spinal cord neurons and musculoskeletal system of the body. Using a combination of mouse genetics, mouse and human embryonic stem cell in vitro differentiation, and genomic, proteomic and biochemical approaches, Dr. Yamaguchi’s lab is investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the activity of key transcriptional determinants of NMP development.

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This position is located at the NCI's Frederick, Maryland campus.

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Apply to Dr. Yamaguchi at

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Terry Yamaguchi
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