Postdoctoral Fellow- Regulatory RNAs, Protein Degradation

Staff Name: 
Susan Gottesman, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Research Area Keywords: 

Regulatory RNAs, Protein Degradation, E. coli

Position Description: 

Research on novel post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms and signaling systems in bacterial systems.  Current projects include investigations on:

1)         Novel levels of translational and proteolytic regulation of RpoS
2)         Physiological roles of RpoS in mediating changes in central metabolism
3)         Mechanisms of signaling in the complex Rcs phosphorelay
4)         Mode of action and novel levels of regulation of Hfq and associated sRNAs

Multiple Positions Available: 
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Experience Required: 

Applicants are expected to have recently completed or be close to completing their Ph.D. in relevant fields, including microbiology, RNA biology, biochemistry and molecular biology and have evidence of productivity during their prior training (publications or imminent publications).  Experience and interest in working with a bacterial system is preferred.

How To Apply: 

Send a cover letter and CV to indicating specific interests, summarizing previous relevant experience, and expected time of availability for starting a postdoctoral fellowship.

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Susan Gottesman
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