Postdoctoral Fellow- Microbiology, multispecies interactions

Staff Name: 
Anupama Khare, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Research Area Keywords: 

Microbiology, multispecies interactions, infectious disease

Position Description: 

Our laboratory is looking to recruit a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher interested in studying the molecular and genetic basis of interactions between co-infecting pathogens in a multi-species system.

The Khare lab utilizes a combination of genetics, genomics, and systems biology tools to understand the mechanisms underlying complex behaviors in pathogenic bacteria. We are specifically interested in interspecies interactions, antibiotic persistence, and adaptation to natural environments. Additional information about our research can be found at:

The candidate will have regular opportunities to interact with various laboratories (studying the microbiome, microbial gene regulation, and pathogenesis), attend workshops and conferences, and availibility of the numerous resources and core facilities at the NIH.

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Candidates with experience in microbiology, genetics, systems biology or interdisciplinary research are especially encouraged to apply.

How To Apply: 

Interested candidates should send their CV and a statement of research interests directly to Dr. Khare (

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Anupama Khare
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HHS, NIH, and NCI are Equal Opportunity Employers