Postdoctoral Fellow- Metastasis, Microenvironment

Staff Name: 
Meera Murgai, Ph.D.
Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics
Research Area Keywords: 

Metastasis, Microenvironment, Pericytes

Position Description: 

Positions will be available starting in October 2019 to study the role of stromal cells, including pericytes, vascular smooth muscle cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and fibroblasts, in pre-metastatic niche formation and metastatic progression. The postdoctoral fellow will focus on interrogating the role stromal cell heterogeneity and plasticity in the metastatic microenvironment, following up on work published in our Nature Medicine 2017 article. The post-doctoral fellow will be trained in techniques related to cancer biology, vascular biology and computational analysis of large gene expression datasets to further our understanding of the metastatic microenvironment in experimental models and patient data.

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Experience Required: 

PhD in Cancer Biology, Vascular Biology, or related field is required. Alternatively, a PhD in Computational Biology with a background/interest in Cancer Biology and methods related to metastasis will be considered. Cross-training between bench science and computational science will be available.

Additional Information: 

Dr. Meera Murgai will be starting up a new laboratory in October 2019 and is recruiting postdoctoral fellows to join this new lab.

How To Apply: 

Candidates should send a cover letter, current CV, and names of three references to: Meera Murgai,

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Meera Murgai
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