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Peter A. Pinto, M.D.
Urologic Oncology Branch
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urology, oncology, fellowship, training

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The NCI Urologic Oncology Fellowship offers a two- to three-year fellowship program in clinical service and laboratory training for urologic surgeons. Clinical training during the first year includes rotation to urological surgery service; providing consult service to patients, care for inpatients/outpatients on clinical protocols, and performing surgery.

From 12-24 months, time is devoted to basic or clinical science research in laboratories/clinical programs, and one can choose to concentrate in either field. Fellows have their own patients which they follow to develop an understanding of care continuity and multidisciplinary management of patients with urologic cancers.

Core curriculum covers prostate, bladder, kidney, testis and penile cancer, in addition to experience with advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques and management of patients with locally advanced and advanced genitourinary malignancies and systemic therapy.

The “bench-to-bedside” proximity in the new Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center provides a crucial link in rapidly moving biomedical findings in the laboratory into the mainstream of clinical practice. The NIH Clinical Center combines research laboratories with a 250-bed hospital. There are currently over 1,500 active clinical research protocols at the Clinical Center and over 50,000 inpatient days and nearly 100,000 outpatient visits per year. Our Urologic Oncology Fellows also rotate on the Urology Service at George Washington University.

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The NCI Urologic Oncology Fellowship is open to urologists who have completed a urologic surgery residency or residents who have completed at least one year of surgical training.

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For more information on this fellowship, please visit our website:

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The fellowship is accredited by the Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO), and commences July 1.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.  Individuals interested in applying should send a cover letter expressing their intention to be considered for this fellowship, and include their SUO Common Application, a Curriculum Vitae and three letters of recommendation to:

Peter A. Pinto, M.D.
Director, Urology Oncology Fellow Program

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Peter Pinto
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