Robert Somerville, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist
Director, Surgery Branch Cell Production Facility

The Cell Production Facility is responsible for the development of cellular products for protocol-driven adoptive cell transfer research in patients with advanced cancer. Additionally, we serve as a tissue biorepository to support ongoing Surgery Branch research efforts and an educational resource as adoptive cell transfer becomes a viable research modality for extramural research institutions.

Areas of Expertise
1. Immunotherapy 2. Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes 3. Genetically-modified peripheral blood lymphocytes

Contact Info

Robert Somerville, Ph.D.
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Building 10-3W-3-5752
Bethesda, MD 20892-1201
Ph: 240-858-3799

The NCI Surgery Branch Cell Production Facility is charged with producing autologous cell products in support of our clinical trials. The majority of patients with advanced metastatic cancer now enrolled in clinical trials in the Surgery Branch have been failed by conventional medical care. The clinical protocols we support are testing critical hypotheses in the use of adoptive cell transfer for patients with metastatic melanoma and common epithelial cancers.

NIH Scientific Focus Areas:
Cell Biology, Immunology

Selected Key Publications

  1. Tran E, Ahmadzadeh M, Lu YC, Gros A, Turcotte S, Robbins PF, Gartner JJ, Zheng Z, Li YF, Ray S, Wunderlich JR, Somerville RP, Rosenberg SA
    Science. 350(6266): 1387-1390, 2015. [ Journal Article ]
  2. Brudno JN, Somerville RP, Shi V, Rose JJ, Halverson DC, Fowler DH, Gea-Banacloche JC, Pavletic SZ, Hickstein DD, Lu TL, Feldman SA, Iwamoto AT, Kurlander R, Maric I, Goy A, Hansen BG, Wilder JS, Blacklock-Schuver B, Hakim FT, Rosenberg SA, Gress RE, Kochenderfer JN
    J. Clin Oncol.. 34(10): 1112-1121, 2016. [ Journal Article ]
  3. Dudley ME, Gross CA, Somerville RP, Hong Y, Schaub NP, Rosati SF, White DE, Nathan D, Restifo NP, Steinberg SM, Wunderlich JR, Kammula US, Sherry RM, Yang JC, Phan GQ, Hughes MS, Laurencot CM, Rosenberg SA
    J. Clin. Oncol.. 31(17): 2152-2159, 2013. [ Journal Article ]
  4. Somerville RP, Devillier L, Parkhurst MR, Rosenberg SA, Dudley ME
    J Transl Med.. 10: 69, 2012. [ Journal Article ]
  5. Jin J, Sabatino M, Somerville R, Wilson JR, Dudley ME, Stroncek DF, Rosenberg SA
    J Immunother.. 35(3): 283-292, 2012. [ Journal Article ]
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Rachel Beyer Manufacturing Manager (Contr.)
Carol Bryant Laboratory Technician (Contr.)
John Fisher QA Manager (Contr.)
Zulmarie Franco Staff Biologist
Mary Ganges Laboratory Technician (Contr.)
Michelle Langhan Staff Biologist
Tangying Lu Ph.D. Research Fellow
Azam Nahvi Staff Biologist
Sommar Nettles QA Manager (Contr.)
Linda Parker Technical Lab Manager
Thomas Shelton Staff Biologist
Tyler Willett Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (CRTA)
John Wunderlich M.D. Medical Officer