CureSearch for Children's Cancer

Our mission is to end childhood cancer by driving targeted and innovative research. Additionally, we provide educational and coping resources to families affected by children's cancer.

CureSearch for Children's Cancer and the Children's Oncology Group are proud to announce that the Children's Oncology Group's Family Handbook for Children with Cancer, Second Edition, is now available.

The psychosocial section on the COG website (“Coping with Cancer”) provides basic information, assessment tools, simple interventions, and guidance for when and how to seek professional support for emotional, educational, and other psychosocial challenges faced at the time of diagnosis, during and after cancer treatment, and during lifelong follow-up. While the primary audience for this website information is the families of patients, information has also been specially created for community members who frequently interact with cancer patients and their families, such as school professionals, religious leaders, or neighbors. In addition, this website is intended to be a resource for professionals of all disciplines engaged in the diagnosis and management of cancer in children, adolescents, and young adults. This portion of the COG website is the result of efforts of the COG Behavioral Science (BSC), Patient Advisory (PAC), and Nursing Committees who have designed a website section that is easily navigable and will be continuously updated.

Our goal was to produce an evidence-based, online resource of plain language, behavioral/psychosocial information and tools to assist families affected by childhood cancer and their wider community. Utilizing the COG website, staff from the National Childhood Cancer Foundation and experts in childhood cancer from the COG's BSC, PAC, and Nursing committees, we have developed a user -friendly section of the COG website that contains easily navigable information, assessment tools, and descriptions of evidence-based interventions designed to help patients, families, and communities more effectively manage the psychosocial care of children with cancer over the course of the cancer treatment trajectory.

Expected outcome and impact: The availability of evidence-based psychosocial guidance and tools on the COG website will increase awareness of physical, emotional, educational, and psychosocial issues related to cancer and its treatment. The result of this project is that all pediatric cancer patients, their families, and their wider communities will have easily accessible, simple tools to help improve the quality of their life during and after treatment. We hope that the website will provide parents and staff with information about why, when, and how to seek professional help when necessary.

Sections of the psychosocial website include: How will we get through this?, School Support, Community Support, Informed Consent, Grieving and Palliative Care, Meet the Children (with direct links to each section).

DISCLAIMER - While we tried to include potentially useful resources, this website is not exhaustive. New and additional resources may be available. Please let us know if there is a resource you would like to be included.