Links for Children & Adolescents

This site for teens with cancer provides information on nonmedical topics, from skin and hair issues to fitness and friends.

 CanTeen is an Australian charity providing youth-friendly information to help adolescents and young adults cope with the impact cancer has on their life.

To connect people, resources, and support services in the Canadian community to help “Fight the Fright” of young adult (AYA) cancer.

Children can apply to be “adopted” by a Chemo Angel who will provide support and encouragement throughout treatment with cards, notes, and small gifts.

Common Threads provides children in low-income families healthy, easy, and cost-effective tips for obtaining proper nutrition while teaching children the importance of healthy eating.

This site provides online support as well as information and resources for teens living with cancer and their families.

Specializes in email support groups where peers provide support while also being monitored by a trained therapist and psychiatrist.

Continually updated portal on adolescents and young adults with cancer.

This organization for teens and young adults with cancer and life-threatening blood diseases offers retreats and workshops around the country.

Seattle Children’s AYA program gives expert medical care and support to teens and young adults into their late 20s with all forms of cancer.

Songs of Love creates personalized, free songs for chronically ill children and young adults. You may download an application from the website.

Starbright World is part of the Starlight Children’s Foundation. It is an online social network for teens with chronic and life-threatening illness and their siblings.

This site for teens with cancer has information on coping with hair loss, friends, family, school and more.

DISCLAIMER - While we tried to include potentially useful resources, this website is not exhaustive. New and additional resources may be available. Please let us know if there is a resource you would like to be included.