Gwendolyn Quinn

Primary Position: 
Livia Wan M.D. Endowed Chair and Professor OB-GYN Vice-Chair Research Professor Population Health, Center for Medical Ethics NYU School of Medicine
Job Responsibilities: 
Short Synopsis of Professional Interests: 
My research goals center on the need to understand the determinants of health behavior to improve health communication initiatives. The theme throughout my research has been the application of social marketing toward promotion of improved communication
Training Opportunities at Location: 
550 First Avenue NBV 9N1-C
NY, NY 10016
(646) 501-6878
Adolescent- young adul
quality of life
clinical trials
Publications of Interest: 

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Quinn GP, Peshkin BN, Sehovic I, Bowman M, Tamargo C, Vadaparampil ST. Oncofertility in Adolescent and Young Adult Hereditary Cancer: Considerations for Genetics Professionals. World Journal of Medical Genetics. (In Press).

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Nahata, L; Morgan, TL; Lipak, KG; Clark, OE; Yeager, ND; O'Brien, SH; Whiteside, S; Audino, AN; Gerhardt, CA; Quinn, GP. 'Conducting reproductive research during a new childhood cancer diagnosis: ethical considerations and impact on participants'. Journal of assisted reproduction & genetics. 2019 :- (# 4015462)