Sabrina Lusvarghi, Ph.D.

Sabrina Lusvarghi, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist

Team Member of:

My research lies at the interface between chemistry and biology. I am mainly interested in using chemical and biochemical tools to answer biological and biophysical questions. I find the logic behind biology very intriguing, and trying to understand this is what motivates me as a scientist.

Areas of Expertise

1) biochemistry, 2) chemistry, 3) biophysics

Contact Info

Sabrina Lusvarghi, Ph.D.
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Building 37, Room 2120
Bethesda, MD 20892
Ph: 240.760.7215

Our laboratory focuses on the study of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) drug transporters and their role in development of multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancers. My research focuses on the structural and biochemical characterization of P-glycoprotein (P-gp, ABCB1).

NIH Scientific Focus Areas:
Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
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Selected Recent Publications

  1. Lusvarghi S, Lohith K, Morin-Leisk J, Ghirlando R, Hinshaw JE, Bewley CA.
    ACS Infect Dis. 2(11): 882-891, 2016. [ Journal Article ]
  2. Lusvarghi S, Ghirlando R, Wong CH, Bewley CA.
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 54(19): 5603-8, 2015. [ Journal Article ]
  3. Lusvarghi, S, Sztuba-Solinska J, Purzycka KJ, Pauly GT, Rausch JW, Le Grice SFJ.
    Nucleic Acids Res. 41(13): 6637-49, 2013. [ Journal Article ]
  4. Lusvarghi S, Murphy CT, Roy S, Tanious FA, Sacui I, Wilson WD, Ly DH, Armitage BA.
    J Am Chem Soc. 131(51): 18415-24, 2009.

Dr. Lusvarghi obtained her Ph.D. in chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. She continued her research at the National Institutes of Health, using innovative tools to study nucleic acids, glycans and proteins. She is currently a staff scientist at the Laboratory of Cell Biology at NCI.