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CCR-AMI Rodent List (CARL)

The Animal Models Database Subcommittee is responsible for developing the Animal Models Working Group (AMWG) website and associated online resources. In addition, the Subcommittee will be responsible for creating a web-accessible database to serve as a resource for NCI/CCR intramural investigators seeking mouse models and/or collaborators for animal research efforts within the Center. The CCR-AMI Rodent List (CARL) will contain detailed information on each submitted model, including relevant information related to the gene of interest, type of promoter driving the expression of the gene, type of mutation, and phenotype. A search engine, as well as relevant references and contact information will also be included. Investigators will be able to go online and enter new models directly into the database through this new website.


David Goldstein, Chair
Nancy Colburn
Glenn Merlino
John Sharp
Brian Hanshew
Sue Fox