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Kathleen D. Hartman

Portait Photo of Kathleen Hartman
Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis
Head, DNA Sequencing and Digital Gene Expression Core
Facility Head
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Building 37, Room 2135
Bethesda, MD 20892


Ms. Hartman earned her B.S. in chemistry from Mary Washington College in 1977. After graduation she came directly to the Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology, NCI, NIH. Her research work has included projects involving methylation of nuclear RNA, liposome-entrapped chemotherapy, protein kinase C and N-myristolyation. In 1997 she joined the Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis in the DNA Sequencing and Digital Gene Expression Core. In 2005 she became Manager of this core facility.


The DNA Sequencing and Digital Gene Expression Core is designed to provide NCI investigators with rapid processing of their DNA sequence samples. The Core accepts samples for DNA sequencing, or GeneMapper analysis. The facility analyzes these samples using ABI 3130XL and 3730 fluorescence-based sequencers. The Core provides this service for the small-to-intermediate volume users. Most users submit 10 to 20 samples at a time. Samples are accepted either for sequencing or for GeneMapper analysis. The Core's goal is to generate data for the users as accurately, rapidly, and efficiently as possible. We accept samples where the sequencing reaction has been done by the investigator or we perform the reactions within the core. The samples are electrophoresed on one of two ABI 3130XL and one 3730 DNA sequencers. These instruments are capable of reading up to 800 base pairs with 95 percent accuracy.

Emphasis is on analyzing samples rapidly and accurately. A professional staff, assigned exclusively to the Core facility makes it possible to generate data almost as rapidly as could be expected with a dedicated instrument in the investigator's laboratory. Most users receive data within one business day of submission. In addition to processing samples for sequencing, we support Macintosh and PC-compatible software for analyzing the data. We also sell reagents for sequencing. In addition, we also aid investigators in the interpretation of data and trouble-shooting.

We currently list over 500 active users from more than 40 laboratories. In the past 12 months we have processed more than 80,000 samples, a 18% increase from the preceding year. Despite this increase, 98% of the samples are processed and the results sent to the investigator within one business day of submission. We currently charge $2.00 for each sample electrophoresed, and $7.00 additional if we run the reaction for the user. We do offer a discounted bulk rate for samples that come in a 96-well plate ready to load, which is $20 for 16 samples.

We offer Digital Gene Expression service using the NanoString Technology. The cost is either $5 or $24/sample depending on what assay is being done.

The Core added a MiSeq in 2012. Those projects must be discussed with staff.

In addition the core has is a Stratagene Real Time PCR and a Agilent Microarray system available for people to reserve and use. There is no cost for the use of these instruments.

This page was last updated on 3/6/2014.