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Christophe E. Redon, Ph.D.

Portait Photo of Christophe Redon
Developmental Therapeutics Branch
Chromatin Structure and Function Group
Staff Scientist
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute
Bldg 37, Room 5050
Bethesda, MD 20892


Dr. Redon obtained his PhD from the Biochemistry and Cellular Biology Department at the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne, France. His thesis was a study of grape histones. In 1999, Dr. Redon joined Dr. Bonner’s laboratory in the Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, CCR, NCI as a Visiting Fellow where he contributed to studies related to DNA damage repair, genomic instability, radiation biology, cancer and drug development among others. As a fellow, Dr. Redon was one of the most dependable, resourceful and diligent researchers in the Bonner laboratory. When his fellowship was completed, Dr. Bonner appointed Dr. Redon as a Staff Scientist in 2010 to lead efforts to develop gamma-H2AX into a clinically useful assay. The gamma-H2AX assay measures DNA damage, in particular the double-strand break (DSB), a lesion central to the therapeutic effects of ionizing radiation and many chemotherapeutic agents. This project places Dr. Redon at a critical intersection of basic research and clinical studies. He is currently involved in several clinical studies related to radiation biodosimetry and cancer drug development. With more than 15 years of laboratory experience, he has co-authored 60 research papers, reviews, and book chapters. He has collaborated with research teams in throughout the world as well as in CCR. Dr. Redon was Recipient of the 2007 NCI Director Innovation Award and three Federal Technology Transfer Awards. He also serves as a mentor for summer students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral fellows.


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