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Suneet Shukla, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Shukla S, Chufan EE, Singh S, Skoumbourdis AP, Kapoor K, Boxer MB, Duveau DY, Thomas CJ, Talele TT, Ambudkar SV.
Elucidation of the structural basis of interaction of the BCR-ABL kinase inhibitor, nilotinib (Tasigna) with the human ABC drug transporter P-glycoprotein.
Leukemia. 28: 961-4, 2014.
2)  Prasad B, Evers R, Gupta A, Hop CE, Salphati L, Shukla S, Ambudkar SV, Unadkat JD.
Interindividual Variability in Hepatic Organic Anion-Transporting Polypeptides and P-Glycoprotein (ABCB1) Protein Expression: Quantification by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectroscopy and Influence of Genotype, Age, and Sex.
Drug Metab. Dispos. 42: 78-88, 2014.
3)  Zhang H, Kathawala RJ, Wang YJ, Zhang YK, Patel A, Shukla S, Robey RW, Talele TT, Ashby CR, Ambudkar SV, Bates SE, Fu LW, Chen ZS.
Linsitinib (OSI-906) antagonizes ATP-binding cassette subfamily G member 2 and subfamily C member 10-mediated drug resistance.
Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. 51: 111-9, 2014.
4)  Shukla S, Kouanda A, Silverton L, Talele TT, Ambudkar SV.
Pharmacophore modeling of nilotinib as an inhibitor of ABC drug transporters and BCR-ABL kinase using a 3D-QSAR approach.
Mol. Pharm. 2014.
5)  Bakhsheshian J, Wei BR, Chang KE, Shukla S, Ambudkar SV, Simpson RM, Gottesman MM, Hall MD.
Bioluminescent imaging of drug efflux at the blood-brain barrier mediated by the transporter ABCG2.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110: 20801-6, 2013.
6)  Ansbro MR, Shukla S, Ambudkar SV, Yuspa SH, Li L.
Screening compounds with a novel high-throughput ABCB1-mediated efflux assay identifies drugs with known therapeutic targets at risk for multidrug resistance interference.
PLoS ONE. 8: e60334, 2013.
7)  Duveau DY, Hu X, Walsh MJ, Shukla S, Skoumbourdis AP, Boxer MB, Ambudkar SV, Shen M, Thomas CJ.
Synthesis and biological evaluation of analogues of the kinase inhibitor nilotinib as Abl and Kit inhibitors.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 23: 682-6, 2013.
8)  Bhullar J, Natarajan K, Shukla S, Mathias TJ, Sadowska M, Ambudkar SV, Baer MR.
The FLT3 inhibitor quizartinib inhibits ABCG2 at pharmacologically relevant concentrations, with implications for both chemosensitization and adverse drug interactions.
PLoS ONE. 8: e71266, 2013.
9)  Natarajan K, Bhullar J, Shukla S, Burcu M, Chen ZS, Ambudkar SV, Baer MR.
The Pim kinase inhibitor SGI-1776 decreases cell surface expression of P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) and breast cancer resistance protein (ABCG2) and drug transport by Pim-1-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
Biochem. Pharmacol. 85: 514-24, 2013.
10)  Sen R, Natarajan K, Bhullar J, Shukla S, Fang HB, Cai L, Chen ZS, Ambudkar SV, Baer MR.
The novel BCR-ABL and FLT3 inhibitor ponatinib is a potent inhibitor of the MDR-associated ATP-binding cassette transporter ABCG2.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 11: 2033-44, 2012.
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