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Steven Z. Pavletic, M.D., M.S.

Selected Publications

1)  Pidala J, Chai X, Martin P, Inamoto Y, Cutler C, Palmer J, Weisdorf D, Pavletic S, Arora M, Jagasia M, Jacobsohn D, Lee SJ.
Hand grip strength and 2 minute walk test in chronic GVHD assessment: An analysis from the Chronic GVHD Consortium.
Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant. 2013.
2)  Treister N, Chai X, Kurland B, Pavletic S, Weisdorf D, Pidala J, Palmer J, Martin P, Inamoto Y, Arora M, Flowers M, Jacobsohn D, Jagasia M, Arai S, Lee SJ, Cutler C.
Measurement of oral chronic GVHD: results from the Chronic GVHD Consortium.
Bone Marrow Transplant. 2013.
3)  Baird K, Steinberg SM, Grkovic L, Pulanic D, Cowen EW, Mitchell SA, Williams KM, Datiles MB, Bishop R, Bassim CW, Mays JW, Edwards D, Cole K, Avila DN, Taylor T, Urban A, Joe GO, Comis LE, Berger A, Stratton P, Zhang D, Shelhamer JH, Gea-Banacloche JC, Sportes C, Fowler DH, Gress RE, Pavletic SZ.
National Institutes of Health Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease Staging in Severely Affected Patients: Organ and Global Scoring Correlate with Established Indicators of Disease Severity and Prognosis.
Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant. 19: 632-9, 2013.
4)  Pavletic SZ, Fowler DH.
Are we making progress in GVHD prophylaxis and treatment?.
Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program. 2012: 251-64, 2012.
5)  Bowen JD, Kraft GH, Wundes A, Guan Q, Maravilla KR, Gooley TA, McSweeney PA, Pavletic SZ, Openshaw H, Storb R, Wener M, McLaughlin BA, Henstorf GR, Nash RA.
Autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation following high-dose immunosuppressive therapy for advanced multiple sclerosis: long-term results.
Bone Marrow Transplant. 47: 946-51, 2012.
6)  Atkins HL, Muraro PA, van Laar JM, Pavletic SZ.
Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for autoimmune disease--is it now ready for prime time?.
Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant. 18: S177-83, 2012.
7)  Inamoto Y, Martin PJ, Chai X, Jagasia M, Palmer J, Pidala J, Cutler C, Pavletic SZ, Arora M, Jacobsohn D, Carpenter PA, Flowers ME, Khera N, Vogelsang GB, Weisdorf D, Storer BE, Lee SJ.
Clinical Benefit of Response in Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease.
Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. [Epub ahead of print], 2012.
8)  Grkovic L, Baird K, Steinberg SM, Williams KM, Pulanic D, Cowen EW, Mitchell SA, Hakim FT, Martires KJ, Avila DN, Taylor TN, Salit RB, Rowley SD, Zhang D, Fowler DH, Bishop MR, Gress RE, Pavletic SZ.
Clinical laboratory markers of inflammation as determinants of chronic graft-versus-host disease activity and NIH global severity.
Leukemia. 26: 633-43, 2012.
9)  Jacobsohn DA, Kurland BF, Pidala J, Inamoto Y, Chai X, Palmer JM, Arai S, Arora M, Jagasia M, Cutler C, Weisdorf D, Martin PJ, Pavletic SZ, Vogelsang G, Lee SJ, Flowers ME.
Correlation between NIH composite skin score, patient reported skin score and outcome: results from the Chronic GVHD Consortium.
Blood. [Epub ahead of print], 2012.
10)  Dietrich-Ntoukas T, Cursiefen C, Westekemper H, Eberwein P, Reinhard T, Bertz H, Nepp J, Lawitschka A, Heiligenhaus A, Seitz B, Messmer EM, Meyer-ter-Vehn T, Basara N, Greinix H, Datiles MB, Lee SJ, Pavletic SZ, Wolff D.
Diagnosis and treatment of ocular chronic graft-versus-host disease: report from the German-Austrian-Swiss Consensus Conference on Clinical Practice in chronic GVHD.
Cornea. 31: 299-310, 2012.
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