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Christophe Marchand, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Pommier Y, Huang SY, Gao R, Das BB, Murai J, Marchand C.
Tyrosyl-DNA-phosphodiesterases (TDP1 and TDP2).
DNA Repair (Amst.). 19: 114-29, 2014.
2)  Métifiot M, Marchand C, Pommier Y.
HIV integrase inhibitors: 20-year landmark and challenges.
Adv. Pharmacol. 67: 75-105, 2013.
3)  Pommier Y, Marchand C.
Interfacial inhibitors: targeting macromolecular complexes.
Nat Rev Drug Discov. 11: 25-36, 2012.
4)  Huang SN, Pommier Y, Marchand C.
Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 (Tdp1) inhibitors.
Expert Opin Ther Pat. 21: 1285-92, 2011.
5)  Marchand C.
The elvitegravir Quad pill: the first once-daily dual-target anti-HIV tablet.
Expert Opin Investig Drugs. 21: 901-4, 2012.
6)  Zhao XZ, Smith SJ, Métifiot M, Marchand C, Boyer PL, Pommier Y, Hughes SH, Burke TR.
4-Amino-1-hydroxy-2-oxo-1,8-naphthyridine-Containing Compounds Having High Potency against Raltegravir-Resistant Integrase Mutants of HIV-1.
J. Med. Chem. 2014.
7)  Costi R, Métifiot M, Chung S, Cuzzucoli Crucitti G, Maddali K, Pescatori L, Messore A, Madia VN, Pupo G, Scipione L, Tortorella S, Di Leva FS, Cosconati S, Marinelli L, Novellino E, Le Grice SF, Corona A, Pommier Y, Marchand C, Di Santo R.
Basic quinolinonyl diketo acid derivatives as inhibitors of HIV integrase and their activity against RNase H function of reverse transcriptase.
J. Med. Chem. 57: 3223-34, 2014.
8)  Zhao XZ, Smith SJ, Métifiot M, Johnson BC, Marchand C, Pommier Y, Hughes SH, Burke TR.
Bicyclic 1-hydroxy-2-oxo-1,2-dihydropyridine-3-carboxamide-containing HIV-1 integrase inhibitors having high antiviral potency against cells harboring raltegravir-resistant integrase mutants.
J. Med. Chem. 57: 1573-82, 2014.
9)  Lv PC, Agama K, Marchand C, Pommier Y, Cushman M.
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of O-2-Modified Indenoisoquinolines as Dual Topoisomerase I-Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase I Inhibitors.
J. Med. Chem. 57: 4324-36, 2014.
10)  Murai J, Marchand C, Shahane SA, Sun H, Huang R, Zhang Y, Chergui A, Ji J, Doroshow JH, Jadhav A, Takeda S, Xia M, Pommier Y.
Identification of novel PARP inhibitors using a cell-based TDP1 inhibitory assay in a quantitative high-throughput screening platform.
DNA Repair (Amst.). 2014.
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