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Maria Kireeva, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Kireeva ML, Kashlev M, Burton ZF.
RNA polymerase structure, function, regulation, dynamics, fidelity, and roles in gene expression.
Chem. Rev. 113: 8325-30, 2013.
2)  Kireeva ML, Opron K, Seibold SA, Domecq C, Cukier RI, Coulombe B, Kashlev M, Burton ZF.
Molecular dynamics and mutational analysis of the catalytic and translocation cycle of RNA polymerase.
BMC Biophys. 5: 11, 2012.
3)  Afonin KA, Kireeva M, Grabow WW, Kashlev M, Jaeger L, Shapiro BA.
Co-transcriptional assembly of chemically modified RNA nanoparticles functionalized with siRNAs.
Nano Lett. 12: 5192-5, 2012.
4)  Kireeva M, Kashlev M, Burton ZF.
Translocation by multi-subunit RNA polymerases.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1799: 389-401, 2009.
5)  Kireeva ML, Kashlev M.
Mechanism of sequence-specific pausing of bacterial RNA polymerase.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106: 8900-5, 2009.
6)  Imashimizu M, Kireeva ML, Lubkowska L, Gotte D, Parks AR, Strathern JN, Kashlev M.
Intrinsic translocation barrier as an initial step in pausing by RNA polymerase II.
J. Mol. Biol. 425: 697-712, 2013.
7)  Strathern J, Malagon F, Irvin J, Gotte D, Shafer B, Kireeva M, Lubkowska L, Jin DJ, Kashlev M.
The fidelity of transcription: RPB1 (RPO21) mutations that increase transcriptional slippage in S. cerevisiae.
J. Biol. Chem. 288: 2689-99, 2013.
8)  Nedialkov YA, Opron K, Assaf F, Artsimovitch I, Kireeva ML, Kashlev M, Cukier RI, Nudler E, Burton ZF.
The RNA polymerase bridge helix YFI motif in catalysis, fidelity and translocation.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1829: 187-98, 2013.
9)  Walmacq C, Cheung AC, Kireeva ML, Lubkowska L, Ye C, Gotte D, Strathern JN, Carell T, Cramer P, Kashlev M.
Mechanism of translesion transcription by RNA polymerase II and its role in cellular resistance to DNA damage.
Mol. Cell. 46: 18-29, 2012.
10)  Arnold JJ, Sharma SD, Feng JY, Ray AS, Smidansky ED, Kireeva ML, Cho A, Perry J, Vela JE, Park Y, Xu Y, Tian Y, Babusis D, Barauskus O, Peterson BR, Gnatt A, Kashlev M, Zhong W, Cameron CE.
Sensitivity of mitochondrial transcription and resistance of RNA polymerase II dependent nuclear transcription to antiviral ribonucleosides.
PLoS Pathog. 8: e1003030, 2012.
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