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Peter L. Choyke, M.D., F.A.C.R.

Selected Publications

1)  Johnson LM, Turkbey B, Figg WD, Choyke PL.
Multiparametric MRI in prostate cancer management.
Nat Rev Clin Oncol. 11: 346-53, 2014.
2)  Turkbey B, Mani H, Aras O, Ho J, Hoang A, Rastinehad AR, Agarwal H, Shah V, Bernardo M, Pang Y, Daar D, McKinney YL, Linehan WM, Kaushal A, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Pinto PA, Choyke PL.
Prostate Cancer: Can Multiparametric MR Imaging Help Identify Patients Who Are Candidates for Active Surveillance?.
Radiology. 268: 144-52, 2013.
3)  Turkbey B, Mena E, Shih J, Pinto PA, Merino MJ, Lindenberg ML, Bernardo M, McKinney YL, Adler S, Owenius R, Choyke PL, Kurdziel KA.
Localized prostate cancer detection with 18F FACBC PET/CT: comparison with MR imaging and histopathologic analysis.
Radiology. 270: 849-56, 2014.
4)  Sano K, Nakajima T, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
The effect of photoimmunotherapy followed by liposomal daunorubicin in a mixed tumor model: a demonstration of the super-enhanced permeability and retention effect after photoimmunotherapy.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 13: 426-32, 2014.
5)  Mitsunaga M, Ogawa M, Kosaka N, Rosenblum LT, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Cancer cell-selective in vivo near infrared photoimmunotherapy targeting specific membrane molecules.
Nat Med. 17:: 1685-91, 2011.
6)  Harada T, Sano K, Sato K, Watanabe R, Yu Z, Hanaoka H, Nakajima T, Choyke PL, Ptaszek M, Kobayashi H.
Activatable organic near-infrared fluorescent probes based on a bacteriochlorin platform: synthesis and multicolor in vivo imaging with a single excitation.
Bioconjug. Chem. 25: 362-9, 2014.
7)  Logan JK, Walton-Diaz A, Rais-Bahrami S, Merino MJ, Turkbey B, Choyke PL, Pinto PA.
Changes observed in multiparametric prostate magnetic resonance imaging characteristics correlate with histopathological development of chronic granulomatous prostatitis after intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin therapy.
J Comput Assist Tomogr. 38: 274-6, 2014.
8)  Garvey B, Türkbey B, Truong H, Bernardo M, Periaswamy S, Choyke PL.
Clinical value of prostate segmentation and volume determination on MRI in benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Diagn Interv Radiol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
9)  Longmire MR, Ogawa M, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Dendrimers as high relaxivity MR contrast agents.
Wiley Interdiscip Rev Nanomed Nanobiotechnol. 6: 155-62, 2014.
10)  Rais-Bahrami S, Siddiqui MM, Vourganti S, Turkbey B, Rastinehad AR, Stamatakis L, Truong H, Walton-Diaz A, Hoang AN, Nix JW, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Simon RM, Choyke PL, Pinto PA.
Diagnostic Value of Biparametric MRI as an Adjunct to PSA-based Detection of Prostate Cancer in Men without Prior Biopsies.
BJU Int. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
11)  Ali T, Nakajima T, Sano K, Sato K, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Dynamic fluorescent imaging with indocyanine green for monitoring the therapeutic effects of photoimmunotherapy.
Contrast Media Mol Imaging. 9: 276-82, 2014.
12)  Nakajima T, Sano K, Sato K, Watanabe R, Harada T, Hanaoka H, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Fluorescence-lifetime molecular imaging can detect invisible peritoneal ovarian tumors in bloody ascites.
Cancer Sci. 105: 308-14, 2014.
13)  Hong CW, Walton-Diaz A, Rais-Bahrami S, Hoang AN, Türkbey B, Stamatakis L, Xu S, Amalou H, Siddiqui MM, Nix JW, Vourganti S, Merino MJ, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA.
Imaging and pathology findings after an initial negative MRI-US fusion-guided and 12-core extended sextant prostate biopsy session.
Diagn Interv Radiol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
14)  Turkbey B, Kobayashi H, Hoyt RF, Choyke PL, Nakajima T, Griffiths GL, Bernardo M, Rialon K, Fishman SJ, Sena LM.
Magnetic resonance lymphography of the thoracic duct after interstitial injection of gadofosveset trisodium: a pilot dosing study in a porcine model.
Lymphat Res Biol. 12: 32-6, 2014.
15)  Watanabe R, Sato K, Hanaoka H, Harada T, Nakajima T, Kim I, Paik CH, Wu AM, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Minibody-indocyanine green based activatable optical imaging probes: the role of short polyethylene glycol linkers.
ACS Med Chem Lett. 5: 411-5, 2014.
16)  Wulfert S, Kratochwil C, Choyke PL, Afshar-Oromieh A, Mier W, Kauczor H, Schenk J, Haberkorn U, Giesel FL.
Multimodal Imaging for Early Functional Response Assessment of (90)Y-/ (177)Lu-DOTATOC Peptide Receptor Targeted Radiotherapy with DW-MRI and (68)Ga-DOTATOC-PET/CT.
Mol Imaging Biol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
17)  Johnson LM, Rothwax JT, Turkbey B, Rais-Bahrami S, Wood BJ, Figg WD, Choyke PL, Merino MJ, Pinto PA.
Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Prostate Aids to Detect Lesion Progression.
J Comput Assist Tomogr. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
18)  Volkin D, Turkbey B, Hoang AN, Rais-Bahrami S, Yerram N, Walton-Diaz A, Nix JW, Wood BJ, Choyke PL, Pinto PA.
Multiparametric MRI and Subsequent MR/Ultrasound Fusion-Guided Biopsy Increase the Detection of Anteriorly Located Prostate Cancers.
BJU Int. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
19)  Rais-Bahrami S, Türkbey B, Rastinehad AR, Walton-Diaz A, Hoang AN, Siddiqui MM, Stamatakis L, Truong H, Nix JW, Vourganti S, Grant KB, Merino MJ, Wood BJ, Choyke PL, Pinto PA.
Natural history of small index lesions suspicious for prostate cancer on multiparametric MRI: recommendations for interval imaging follow-up.
Diagn Interv Radiol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
20)  Sato K, Watanabe R, Hanaoka H, Harada T, Nakajima T, Kim I, Paik CH, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Photoimmunotherapy: Comparative effectiveness of two monoclonal antibodies targeting the epidermal growth factor receptor.
Mol Oncol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
21)  Hong CW, Amalou H, Xu S, Turkbey B, Yan P, Kruecker J, Pinto PA, Choyke PL, Wood BJ.
Prostate Biopsy for the Interventional Radiologist.
J Vasc Interv Radiol. 25: 675-684, 2014.
22)  Rais-Bahrami S, Turkbey B, Grant KB, Pinto PA, Choyke PL.
Role of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Curr Urol Rep. 15: 387, 2014.
23)  Choyke PL.
Science to Practice: Percutaneous Biopsies in the NIR Future-Will Fluorescence Guide the Way?.
Radiology. 271: 623-4, 2014.
24)  Seidel J, Bernardo ML, Wong KJ, Xu B, Williams MR, Kuo F, Jagoda EM, Basuli F, Li C, Griffiths GL, Green MV, Choyke PL.
Simultaneous ECG-gated PET imaging of multiple mice.
Nucl. Med. Biol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
25)  Nakajima T, Sato K, Hanaoka H, Watanabe R, Harada T, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
The effects of conjugate and light dose on photo-immunotherapy induced cytotoxicity.
BMC Cancer. 14: 389, 2014.
26)  Smedley J, Turkbey B, Bernardo ML, Del Prete GQ, Estes JD, Griffiths GL, Kobayashi H, Choyke PL, Lifson JD, Keele BF.
Tracking the Luminal Exposure and Lymphatic Drainage Pathways of Intravaginal and Intrarectal Inocula Used in Nonhuman Primate Models of HIV Transmission.
PLoS ONE. 9: e92830, 2014.
27)  Thomas A, Mena E, Kurdziel K, Venzon D, Khozin S, Berman AW, Choyke P, Szabo E, Rajan A, Giaccone G.
18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography in the Management of Patients with Thymic Epithelial Tumors.
Clin. Cancer Res. 19: 1487-93, 2013.
28)  Stamatakis L, Siddiqui MM, Nix JW, Logan J, Rais-Bahrami S, Walton-Diaz A, Hoang AN, Vourganti S, Truong H, Shuch B, Parnes HL, Turkbey B, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Simon RM, Pinto PA.
Accuracy of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in confirming eligibility for active surveillance for men with prostate cancer.
Cancer. 119: 3359-66, 2013.
29)  Sano K, Nakajima T, Ali T, Bartlett DW, Wu AM, Kim I, Paik CH, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Activatable fluorescent cys-diabody conjugated with indocyanine green derivative: consideration of fluorescent catabolite kinetics on molecular imaging.
J Biomed Opt. 18: 101304, 2013.
30)  Sano K, Mitsunaga M, Nakajima T, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Acute Cytotoxic Effects of Photoimmunotherapy Assessed by 18F-FDG PET.
J. Nucl. Med. 54: 770-5, 2013.
31)  Bhutani M, Turkbey B, Tan E, Kemp TJ, Pinto LA, Berg AR, Korde N, Minter AR, Weiss BM, Mena E, Lindenberg L, Aras O, Purdue MP, Hofmann JN, Steinberg SM, Calvo KR, Choyke PL, Maric I, Kurdziel K, Landgren O.
Bone marrow angiogenesis in myeloma and its precursor disease: a prospective clinical trial.
Leukemia. 28: 413-6, 2013.
32)  Gunay-Aygun M, Font-Montgomery E, Lukose L, Tuchman Gerstein M, Piwnica-Worms K, Choyke P, Daryanani KT, Turkbey B, Fischer R, Bernardini I, Sincan M, Zhao X, Sandler NG, Roque A, Douek DC, Graf J, Huizing M, Bryant JC, Mohan P, Gahl WA, Heller T.
Characteristics of congenital hepatic fibrosis in a large cohort of patients with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease.
Gastroenterology. 144: 112-121.e2, 2013.
33)  Turkbey B, Merino MJ, Gallardo EC, Shah V, Aras O, Bernardo M, Mena E, Daar D, Rastinehad AR, Linehan WM, Wood BJ, Pinto PA, Choyke PL.
Comparison of endorectal coil and nonendorectal coil T2W and diffusion-weighted MRI at 3 Tesla for localizing prostate cancer: Correlation with whole-mount histopathology.
J Magn Reson Imaging. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
34)  Logan JK, Rais-Bahrami S, Turkbey B, Gomella A, Amalou H, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA.
Current Status of MRI and Ultrasound Fusion Software Platforms for Guidance of Prostate Biopsies.
BJU Int. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
35)  Wood BJ, Choyke P, Turkbey B, Pinto P.
Editorial comment.
J. Urol. 189: 92, 2013.
36)  Ali T, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Endoscopic molecular imaging of cancer.
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41)  Kobayashi H, Watanabe R, Choyke PL.
Improving conventional enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effects; what is the appropriate target?.
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42)  Nakajima T, Sano K, Choyke PL, Kobayashi H.
Improving the efficacy of Photoimmunotherapy (PIT) using a cocktail of antibody conjugates in a multiple antigen tumor model.
Theranostics. 3: 357-65, 2013.
43)  Siddiqui MM, Rais-Bahrami S, Truong H, Stamatakis L, Vourganti S, Nix J, Hoang AN, Walton-Diaz A, Shuch B, Weintraub M, Kruecker J, Amalou H, Turkbey B, Merino MJ, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Ultrasound-Fusion Biopsy Significantly Upgrades Prostate Cancer Versus Systematic 12-core Transrectal Ultrasound Biopsy.
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J Magn Reson Imaging. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
47)  Truong H, Logan J, Turkbey B, Siddiqui MM, Rais-Bahrami S, Hoang AN, Pusateri C, Shuch B, Walton-Diaz A, Vourganti S, Nix J, Stamatakis L, Harris C, Chua C, Choyke PL, Wood BJ, Pinto PA.
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