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John A. Beutler, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Sourbier C, Scroggins BT, Ratnayake R, Prince TL, Lee S, Lee M, Nagy PL, Lee YH, Trepel JB, Beutler JA, Linehan WM, Neckers L.
Englerin A Stimulates PKCtheta to Inhibit Insulin Signaling and to Simultaneously Activate HSF1: Pharmacologically Induced Synthetic Lethality.
Cancer Cell. 23: 228-37, 2013.
2)  Turbyville TJ, Gürsel DB, Tuskan RG, Walrath JC, Lipschultz CA, Lockett SJ, Wiemer DF, Beutler JA, Reilly KM.
Schweinfurthin A selectively inhibits proliferation and Rho signaling in glioma and neurofibromatosis type 1 tumor cells in a NF1-GRD-dependent manner.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 9: 1234-43, 2010.
3)  Ratnayake R, Covell D, Ransom TT, Gustafson KR, Beutler JA.
Englerin A, a selective inhibitor of renal cancer cell growth, from Phyllanthus engleri.
Org. Lett. 11: 57-60, 2009.
4)  Boyd MR, Farina C, Belfiore P, Gagliardi S, Kim JW, Hayakawa Y, Beutler JA, McKee TC, Bowman BJ, Bowman EJ.
Discovery of a novel antitumor benzolactone enamide class that selectively inhibits mammalian vacuolar-type (H+)-atpases.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 297: 114-20, 2001.
5)  Beutler JA, Shoemaker RH, Johnson T, Boyd MR.
Cytotoxic geranyl stilbenes from Macaranga schweinfurthii.
J. Nat. Prod. 61: 1509-12, 1998.
6)  Devkota KP, Wilson JA, Henrich CJ, McMahon JB, Reilly KM, Beutler JA.
Compounds from Simarouba berteroana which inhibit proliferation of NF1-defective cancer cells.
Phytochem Lett. 7: 42-45, 2014.
7)  Yeo D, Huynh N, Beutler JA, Christophi C, Shulkes A, Baldwin GS, Nikfarjam M, He H.
Glaucarubinone and gemcitabine synergistically reduce pancreatic cancer growth via down-regulation of P21-activated kinases.
Cancer Lett. 346: 264-272, 2014.
8)  Lockett S, Cui C, Gudia P, Nandy K, Mimaki Y, Fuchs P, Jaja J, Reilly K, Beutler J, Turbyville T.
Quantitative analysic of F-actin redistribution in astrocytoma cells treated with candidate pharmaceuticals.
Cytometry A. 85: 512-521, 2014.
9)  Hartung AM, Beutler JA, Navarro HA, Wiemer DF, Neighbors JD.
Stilbenes as kappa-selective, non-nitrogenous opioid receptor antagonists.
J. Nat. Prod. 77: 311-9, 2014.
10)  Kodet JG, Beutler JA, Wiemer DF.
Synthesis and structure activity relationships of schweinfurthin indoles.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 22: 2542-2552, 2014.
11)  Kanduluru AK, Banerjee P, Beutler JA, Fuchs PL.
A convergent total synthesis of the potent cephalostatin/ritterazine hybrid -25-epi ritterostatin GN1N.
J. Org. Chem. 78: 9085-9092, 2013.
12)  Dossou KS, Devkota KP, Kavanagh PV, Beutler JA, Egan JM, Moaddel R.
Development and preliminary validation of a plate-based CB1/CB2 receptor functional assay.
Anal. Biochem. 437: 138-43, 2013.
13)  Winter DK, Endoma-Arias MA, Hudlicky T, Beutler JA, Porco JA.
Enantioselective total synthesis and biological evaluation of (+)-kibdelone a and a tetrahydroxanthone analogue.
J. Org. Chem. 78: 7617-26, 2013.
14)  Masaoka T, Chung S, Caboni P, Rausch J, Wilson JA, Taskent-Sezgin H, Beutler JA, Tocco G, Le Grice SF.
Exploiting drug-resistant enzymes as tools to identify thienopyrimidinone inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H.
J. Med. Chem. 56: 5436-5445, 2013.
15)  Devkota KP, Covell D, Ransom T, McMahon JB, Beutler JA.
Growth Inhibition of Human Colon Carcinoma Cells by Sesquiterpenoids and Tetralones of Zygogynum calothyrsum.
J. Nat. Prod. 76: 710-714, 2013.
16)  Dossou KS, Devkota KP, Morton C, Egan JM, Lu G, Beutler JA, Moaddel R.
Identification of CB1/CB2 ligands from Zanthoxylum bungeanum.
J. Nat. Prod. 76: 2060-4, 2013.
17)  Devkota KP, Wilson J, Henrich CJ, McMahon JB, Reilly KM, Beutler JA.
Isobutylhydroxyamides from the Pericarp of Nepalese Zanthoxylum armatum Inhibit NF1-Defective Tumor Cell Line Growth.
J. Nat. Prod. 76: 59-63, 2013.
18)  Henrich CJ, Beutler JA.
Matching the power of high throughput screening to the chemical diversity of natural products.
Nat Prod Rep. 30: 1284-1298, 2013.
19)  Akee RK, Ransom T, Ratnayake R, McMahon JB, Beutler JA.
Chlorinated Englerins with Selective Inhibition of Renal Cancer Cell Growth.
J Nat Prod. 75: 459-63, 2012.
20)  Beutler JA.
Early years of the journal.
Pharm Biol. 50: 6-7, 2012.
21)  Diyabalanage T, Ratnayake R, Bokesch HR, Ransom TT, Henrich CJ, Beutler JA, McMahon JB, Gustafson KR.
Flabelliferins A and B, Sesterterpenoids from the South Pacific Sponge Carteriospongia flabellifera.
J Nat Prod. 75: 1490-4, 2012.
22)  Dong S, Qin T, Hamel E, Beutler JA, Porco JA.
Synthesis of Chamaecypanone C Analogues from in Situ-Generated Cyclopentadienones and Their Biological Evaluation.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134: 19782-19787, 2012.
23)  Zhao LX, Huang SX, Tang SK, Jiang CL, Duan Y, Beutler JA, Henrich CJ, McMahon JB, Schmid T, Blees JS, Colburn NH, Rajski SR, Shen B.
Actinopolysporins A-C and tubercidin as a Pdcd4 stabilizer from the halophilic actinomycete Actinopolyspora erythraea YIM 90600.
J. Nat. Prod. 74: 1990-5, 2011.
24)  Tai BH, Nhut ND, Nhiem NX, Quang TH, Thanh Ngan NT, Thuy Luyen BT, Huong TT, Wilson J, Beutler JA, Ban NK, Cuong NM, Kim YH.
An evaluation of the RNase H inhibitory effects of Vietnamese medicinal plant extracts and natural compounds.
Pharm Biol. 49: 1046-51, 2011.
25)  Popplewell WL, Ratnayake R, Wilson JA, Beutler JA, Colburn NH, Henrich CJ, McMahon JB, McKee TC.
Grassypeptolides F and G, cyanobacterial peptides from Lyngbya majuscula.
J. Nat. Prod. 74: 1686-91, 2011.
26)  Best AM, Chang J, Dull AB, Beutler JA, Martinez ED.
Identification of Four Potential Epigenetic Modulators from the NCI Structural Diversity Library Using a Cell-Based Assay.
J. Biomed. Biotechnol. 2011: 868095, 2011.
27)  Devkota KP, Ratnayake R, Colburn NH, Wilson JA, Henrich CJ, McMahon JB, Beutler JA.
Inhibitors of the Oncogenic Transcription Factor AP-1 from Podocarpus latifolius.
J. Nat. Prod. 74: 374-377, 2011.
28)  Dong S, Cahill KJ, Kang MI, Colburn NH, Henrich CJ, Wilson JA, Beutler JA, Johnson RP, Porco JA.
Microwave-Based Reaction Screening: Tandem Retro-Diels-Alder/Diels-Alder Cycloadditions of o-Quinol Dimers.
J. Org. Chem. 76: 8944-54, 2011.
29)  Kim JA, Yang SY, Wamiru A, McMahon JB, Le Grice SF, Beutler JA, Kim YH.
New monoterpene glycosides and phenolic compounds from Distylium racemosum and their inhibitory activity against ribonuclease H.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 21: 2840-4, 2011.
30)  Diyabalanage T, Ratnayake R, Wilson JA, Henrich CJ, Beutler JA, Colburn NH, McMahon JB, Gustafson KR.
Nothospondin, a new AP-1 inhibitory quassinoid from the Cameroonian plant Nothospondias staudtii.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 21: 4397-9, 2011.
31)  Topczewski JJ, Callahan MP, Kodet JG, Inbarasu JD, Mente NR, Beutler JA, Wiemer DF.
Relevance of the C-5 position to schweinfurthin induced cytotoxicity.
Bioorg Med Chem. 19: 7570-81, 2011.
32)  Sloman DL, Mitasev B, Scully SS, Beutler JA, Porco JA.
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of ABCD Ring Fragments of the Kibdelones.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 50: 2511-5, 2011.
33)  Chung S, Himmel DM, Jiang J, Wojtak K, Bauman JD, Rausch JW, Wilson JA, Beutler JA, Thomas CJ, Arnold E, Le Grice SF.
Synthesis, Activity and Structural Analysis of Novel alpha-Hydroxytropolone Inhibitors of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Reverse Transcriptase-Associated Ribonuclease H.
J.Ned.Chem. 54: 4462-4473, 2011.
34)  Suzuki S, Urano E, Hashimoto C, Tsutsumi H, Nakahara T, Tanaka T, Nakanishi Y, Maddali K, Han Y, Hamatake M, Miyauchi K, Pommier Y, Beutler JA, Sugiura W, Fuji H, Hoshino T, Itotani K, Nomura W, Narumi T, Yamamoto N, Komano JA, Tamamura H.
Peptide HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors from HIV-1 Gene Products.
J. Med. Chem. 53: 5356-5360, 2010.
35)  Klausmeyer P, Van QN, Jato J, McCloud TG, Beutler JA.
Schweinfurthins I and J from Macaranga schweinfurthii.
J. Nat. Prod. 73: 479-81, 2010.
36)  Ulrich NC, Kodet JG, Mente NR, Kuder CH, Beutler JA, Hohl RJ, Wiemer DF.
Structural analogues of schweinfurthin F: probing the steric, electronic, and hydrophobic properties of the D-ring substructure.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 18: 1676-83, 2010.
37)  Chung S, Wendeler M, Rausch JW, Beilhartz G, Gotte M, O'Keefe BR, Bermingham A, Beutler JA, Liu S, Zhuang X, Le Grice SF.
Structure-Activity Analysis of Vinylogous Urea Inhibitors of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Encoded Ribonuclease H.
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 54: 3913-3921, 2010.
38)  Beutler J.
Cragg G, Beutler J, Jones W, eds.
The American Society of Pharmacognosy. 50 Years of Progress in Natural Progress Research. 1959-2009.
Chicago, IL: American Society of Pharmacognosy; 2009. [Book]
39)  Dong S, Hamel E, Bai R, Covell DG, Beutler JA, Porco JA.
Enantioselective synthesis of (+)-chamaecypanone C: A novel microtubule inhibitor.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 48: 1494-1497, 2009.
40)  Wendeler M, Beilhartz G, Gotte M, Beutler J, Le Grice S.
Human immunodeficiency virus ribonuclease H: Continuing the search for small molecule antagonists.
HIV Therapy. 3: 39-53, 2009.
41)  Beutler JA.
Natural Products as a Foundation for Drug Discovery.
Curr Protoc Pharmacol. 46: 9.11.1, 2009.
42)  Cui C, Jaja J, Turbyville T, Beutler J, Gudla P, Nandy K, Lockett S.
Quantifying the astrocytoma cell response to candidate pharmaceutical from F-actin image analysis (31st Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS).
. p. 5768-5771. [Meeting Proceeding]
43)  Beutler JA, Kang M, Robert F, Clement JA, Pelletier J, Colburn NH, McKee TC, Goncharova E, McMahon JB, Henrich CJ.
Quassinoid inhibition of AP-1 function does not correlate with cytotoxicity or protein synthesis inhibition.
J. Nat. Prod. 72: 503-506, 2009.
44)  Wrona IE, Lowe JT, Turbyville TJ, Johnson TR, Beignet J, Beutler JA, Panek JS.
Synthesis of a 35-member stereoisomer library of bistramide A: Evaluation of effects on actin state, cell cycle and tumor cell growth.
J. Org. Chem. 74: 1897-1916, 2009.
45)  Bokesch HR, Wamiru A, Le Grice SF, Beutler JA, McKee TC, McMahon JB.
HIV-1 ribonuclease H inhibitory phenolic glycosides from Eugenia hyemalis.
J. Nat. Prod. 71: 1634-1636, 2008.
46)  Sasiela CA, Stewart DH, Kitagaki J, Safiran YJ, Yang Y, Weissman AM, Oberoi P, Davydov IV, Goncharova E, Beutler JA, McMahon JB, O'Keefe BR.
Identification of inhibitors for MDM2 ubiquitin ligase activity from natural product extracts by a novel high-throughput electrochemiluminescent screen.
J. Biomol. Screening. 13: 229-37, 2008.
47)  Weissman AM, Yang Y, Kitagaki J, Sasiela CA, Beutler JA, O'Keefe BR.
Inhibiting Hdm2 and ubiquitin-activating enzyme: targeting the ubiquitin conjugating system in cancer.
Ernst Schering Found Symp Proc. 171-90, 2008.
48)  Marchand C, Beutler JA, Wamiru A, Budihas SR, Mollman U, Heinisch L, Mellors JW, Le Grice SF, Pommier Y.
Madurahydroxylactone derivatives as dual inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase and RNase H.
Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 52: 361-364, 2008.
49)  Wendeler M, Lee H, Bermingham A, Miller J, Chertov O, Bona M, Baichoo N, Ehteshami M, Beutler J, O'Keefe B, Gotte M, Kvaratskhelia M, LeGrice S.
Vinylogous ureas as a novel class of inhibitors of reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H activity.
ACS Chemical Biology. 3: 635-644, 2008.
50)  Dat NT, Bae K, Wamiru A, McMahon JB, Grice SF, Bona M, Beutler JA, Kim YH.
A dimeric lactone from Ardisia japonica with inhibitory activity for HIV-1 and HIV-2 ribonuclease H.
J Nat Prod. 70: 839-841, 2007.
51)  Takada K, Bermingham A, O'Keefe BR, Wamiru A, Beutler JA, Le Grice SF, Lloyd J, Gustafson KR, McMahon JB.
An HIV RNase H inhibitory 1,3,4,5-tetragalloylapiitol from the African plant Hylodendron gabunensis.
J. Nat. Prod. 70: 1647-9, 2007.
52)  Yang Y, Kitagaki J, Dai R, Tsai YC, Lorick KL, Ludwig RL, Pierre SA, Jensen JP, Davydov IV, Oberoi P, Lui C, Kenten JH, Beutler JA, Vousden KH, Weissman AM.
Inhibitors of ubiquitin-activating enzyme (E1), a new class of potential cancer therapeutics.
Cancer Res. 67: 9472-9481, 2007.
53)  Mente NR, Wiemer AJ, Neighbors JD, Beutler JA, Hohl RJ, Wiemer DF.
Total synthesis of (R,R,R)- and (S,S,S)-schweinfurthin F: differences of bioactivity in the enantiomeric series.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 17: 911-5, 2007.
54)  Beutler J, Jato J, Cragg G, Wiemer D, Neighbors J, Salnikova M, Hollingshead M, Scudiero D, McCloud T.
Bogers R, Craker L, Lange D, eds.
The schweinfurthins: Issues in development of a plant-based anticancer lead. In: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Agricultural, Commercial, Ecological, Legal, Pharmacological and Social Aspects. Volume 17.
Dordrecht: Springer; 2006. p. 301-309 [Book Chapter]
55)  Kim YH, Park EJ, Park MH, Badarch U, Woldemichael GM, Beutler JA.
Crinamine from Crinum asiaticum var. japonicum Inhibits Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 Activity But Not Activity of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-2.
Biol Pharm Bull. 29: 2140-2142, 2006.
56)  Martinez ED, Dull AB, Beutler JA, Hager GL.
High-content fluorescence-based screening for epigenetic modulators.
Meth. Enzymol. 414: 21-36, 2006.
57)  Neighbors JD, Salnikova MS, Beutler JA, Wiemer DF.
Synthesis and structure-activity studies of schweinfurthin B analogs: Evidence for the importance of a D-ring hydrogen bond donor in expression of differential cytotoxicity.
Bioorg Med Chem. 14: 1771-1784, 2006.
58)  Liang MC, Bardhan S, Pace EA, Rosman D, Beutler JA, Porco JA, Gilmore TD.
Inhibition of transcription factor NF-kappaB signaling proteins IKKbeta and p65 through specific cysteine residues by epoxyquinone A monomer: Correlation with its anti-cancer cell growth activity.
Biochem Pharmacol. 71: 634-645, 2005.
59)  Calis I, Kirmizibekmez H, Beutler J, Donmez A, Yalcin F, Kilic E, Ozalp M, Ruedi P, Tasdemir D.
Secondary metabolites of Phlomis viscosa and their biological activities.
Turkish J Chem. 29: 71-81, 2005.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
60)  Budihas SR, Gorshkova I, Gaidamakov S, Wamiru A, Bona MK, Parniak MA, Crouch RJ, McMahon JB, Beutler JA, Le Grice SF.
Selective inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H activity by hydroxylated tropolones.
Nucleic Acids Res. 33: 1249-56, 2005.
61)  Neighbors JD, Beutler JA, Wiemer DF.
Synthesis of nonracemic 3-deoxyschweinfurthin B.
J Org Chem. 70: 925-31, 2005.
62)  Chan KC, Budihas SR, Le Grice SF, Parniak MA, Crouch RJ, Gaidamakov SA, Isaaq HJ, Wamiru A, McMahon JB, Beutler JA.
A capillary electrophoretic assay for ribonuclease H activity.
Anal Biochem. 331: 296-302, 2004.
63)  Bokesch HR, Charan RD, Meragelman KM, Beutler JA, Gardella R, O'Keefe BR, McKee TC, McMahon JB.
Isolation and characterization of anti-HIV peptides from Dorstenia contrajerva and Treculia obovoidea.
FEBS Lett. 567: 287-90, 2004.
64)  Parniak MA, Min KL, Budihas SR, Le Grice SF, Beutler JA.
A fluorescence-based high-throughput screening assay for inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus-1 reverse transcriptase-associated ribonuclease H activity.
Anal Biochem. 322: 33-9, 2003.
65)  Beutler JA, McKee TC.
Novel marine and microbial natural product inhibitors of vacuolar ATPase.
Curr Med Chem. 10: 787-96, 2003.
66)  Chen X, Beutler JA, McCloud TG, Loehfelm A, Yang L, Dong HF, Chertov OY, Salcedo R, Oppenheim JJ, Howard OM.
Tannic acid is an inhibitor of CXCL12 (SDF-1alpha)/CXCR4 with antiangiogenic activity.
Clin Cancer Res. 9: 3115-23, 2003.
67)  Beutler JA, McMahon JB, Johnson TR, O'Keefe BR, Buzzell RA, Robbins D, Gardella R, Wilson J, Boyd MR.
High throughput screening for cyanovirin-N mimetics binding to HIV-1 gp41.
J Biomol Screen. 7: 105-10, 2002.
68)  Erickson KL, Gustafson KR, Pannell LK, Beutler JA, Boyd MR.
New dimeric macrolide glycosides from the marine sponge Myriastra clavosa.
J Nat Prod. 65: 1303-6, 2002.
69)  Kuroda M, Mimaki Y, Yokosuka A, Sashida Y, Beutler JA.
Cytotoxic cholestane glycosides from the bulbs of Ornithogalum saundersiae.
J Nat Prod. 64: 88-91, 2001.
70)  Keskin O, Bahar I, Jernigan RL, Beutler JA, Shoemaker RH, Sausville EA, Covell DG.
Characterization of anticancer agents by their growth inhibitory activity and relationships to mechanism of action and structure.
Anticancer Drug Des. 15: 79-98, 2000.
71)  Beutler JA, McCall KL, Herbert K, Johnson T, Shoemaker RH, Boyd MR.
Cytotoxic clerodane diterpene esters from Laetia corymbulosa.
Phytochemistry. 55: 233-6, 2000.
72)  McMahon JB, Beutler JA, O'Keefe BR, Goodrum CB, Myers MA, Boyd MR.
Development of a cyanovirin-N-HIV-1 gp120 binding assay for high throughput screening of natural product extracts by time-resolved fluorescence.
J. Biomol. Screen. 5: 169-76, 2000.
73)  Beutler JA, McCall KL, Herbert K, Herald DL, Pettit GR, Johnson T, Shoemaker RH, Boyd MR.
Novel cytotoxic diterpenes from Casearia arborea.
J. Nat. Prod. 63: 657-61, 2000.
74)  Davies-Coleman MT, Gustafson KR, Cantrell CL, Beutler JA, Pannell LK, Boyd MR.
Stolonic acids A and B, new cytotoxic cyclic peroxides from an Indian Ocean ascidian Stolonica species.
J Nat Prod. 63: 1411-3, 2000.
75)  O'Keefe BR, Erim T, Beutler JA, Cardellina JH, Gulakowski RJ, Krepps BL, McMahon JB, Sowder RC, Johnson DG, Buckheit RW, Halliday S, Boyd MR.
Isolation and characterization of adociavirin, a novel HIV-inhibitory protein from the sponge Adocia sp.
FEBS Lett. 431: 85-90, 1998.
76)  Beutler JA, Hamel E, Vlietinck AJ, Haemers A, Rajan P, Roitman JN, Cardellina JH, Boyd MR.
Structure-activity requirements for flavone cytotoxicity and binding to tubulin.
J. Med. Chem. 41: 2333-8, 1998.
77)  O'Keefe BR, Beutler JA, Cardellina JH, Gulakowski RJ, Krepps BL, McMahon JB, Sowder RC, Henderson LE, Pannell LK, Pomponi SA, Boyd MR.
Isolation and characterization of niphatevirin, a human-immunodeficiency-virus-inhibitory glycoprotein from the marine sponge Niphates erecta.
Eur. J. Biochem. 245: 47-53, 1997.
78)  Beutler JA, Kashman Y, Pannell LK, Cardellina JH, Alexander MR, Balaschak MS, Prather TR, Shoemaker RH, Boyd MR.
Isolation and characterization of novel cytotoxic saponins from Archidendron ellipticum.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 5: 1509-17, 1997.
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