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John A. Beutler, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Kodet JG, Beutler JA, Wiemer DF.
Synthesis and structure activity relationships of schweinfurthin indoles.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 22: 2542-2552, 2014.
2)  Lockett S, Cui C, Gudia P, Nandy K, Mimaki Y, Fuchs P, Jaja J, Reilly K, Beutler J, Turbyville T.
Quantitative analysic of F-actin redistribution in astrocytoma cells treated with candidate pharmaceuticals.
Cytometry A. 2014.
In Press. [Journal]
3)  Sourbier C, Scroggins BT, Ratnayake R, Prince TL, Lee S, Lee M, Nagy PL, Lee YH, Trepel JB, Beutler JA, Linehan WM, Neckers L.
Englerin A Stimulates PKCtheta to Inhibit Insulin Signaling and to Simultaneously Activate HSF1: Pharmacologically Induced Synthetic Lethality.
Cancer Cell. 23: 228-37, 2013.
4)  Turbyville TJ, Gürsel DB, Tuskan RG, Walrath JC, Lipschultz CA, Lockett SJ, Wiemer DF, Beutler JA, Reilly KM.
Schweinfurthin A selectively inhibits proliferation and Rho signaling in glioma and neurofibromatosis type 1 tumor cells in a NF1-GRD-dependent manner.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 9: 1234-43, 2010.
5)  Boyd MR, Farina C, Belfiore P, Gagliardi S, Kim JW, Hayakawa Y, Beutler JA, McKee TC, Bowman BJ, Bowman EJ.
Discovery of a novel antitumor benzolactone enamide class that selectively inhibits mammalian vacuolar-type (H+)-atpases.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 297: 114-20, 2001.
6)  Henrich CJ, Beutler JA.
Matching the power of high throughput screening to the chemical diversity of natural products.
Nat Prod Rep. 30: 1284, 1298.
7)  Devkota KP, Wilson JA, Henrich CJ, McMahon JB, Reilly KM, Beutler JA.
Compounds from Simarouba berteroana which inhibit proliferation of NF1-defective cancer cells.
Phytochem Lett. 7: 42-45, 2014.
8)  Yeo D, Huynh N, Beutler JA, Christophi C, Shulkes A, Baldwin GS, Nikfarjam M, He H.
Glaucarubinone and gemcitabine synergistically reduce pancreatic cancer growth via down-regulation of P21-activated kinases.
Cancer Lett. 346: 264-272, 2014.
9)  Hartung AM, Beutler JA, Navarro HA, Wiemer DF, Neighbors JD.
Stilbenes as Kappa-Selective, Non-nitrogenous Opioid Receptor Antagonists.
J. Nat. Prod. 77: 311-9, 2014.
10)  Kanduluru AK, Banerjee P, Beutler JA, Fuchs PL.
A Convergent Total Synthesis of the Potent Cephalostatin/Ritterazine Hybrid -25-epi Ritterostatin GN1N.
J. Org. Chem. 78: 9085-9092, 2013.
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