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Philip J. Lucas, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Kim GY, Ligons DL, Hong C, Luckey MA, Keller HR, Tai X, Lucas PJ, Gress RE, Park J.
An In Vivo IL-7 Requirement for Peripheral Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cell Homeostasis.
J Immunol. 188: 5859-66, 2012.
2)  Casey KA, Fraser KA, Schenkel JM, Moran A, Abt MC, Beura LK, Lucas PJ, Artis D, Wherry EJ, Hogquist K, Vezys V, Masopust D.
Antigen-Independent Differentiation and Maintenance of Effector-like Resident Memory T Cells in Tissues.
J. Immunol. 188: 4866-75, 2012.
3)  El-Kassar N, Flomerfelt FA, Choudhury B, Hugar LA, Chua KS, Kapoor V, Lucas PJ, Gress RE.
High levels of IL-7 cause dysregulation of thymocyte development.
Int. Immunol. 24: 661-71, 2012.
4)  Lucas PJ, Williams KM, Mella H, Williams JA, telford W, Gress RE.
Rapid thymic epithelia preparation for single-cell analysis of complex thymus stromal cell populations. MACS & more.
Auburn, CA: Miltenyi Biotec; 2011. p. 25-29. Report No. Volume 13. [Technical Report]
5)  Lucas PJ.
Ting GC, Yang Y, eds.
TGF-β in Memory T Cell Homeostasis. In: The Life and Death of T Lymphocytes - The Influence of Cytokines under Physiological and Pathological Conditions. Volume 1.
Keraia: Transworld Research Network; 2010. p. 15-31 [Book Chapter]
6)  Park JH, Adoro S, Guinter T, Erman B, Alag AS, Catalfamo M, Kimura MY, Cui Y, Lucas PJ, Gress RE, Kubo M, Hennighausen L, Feigenbaum L, Singer A.
Signaling by intrathymic cytokines, not T cell antigen receptors, specifies CD8 lineage choice and promotes the differentiation of cytotoxic-lineage T cells.
Nat. Immunol. 11: 257-64, 2010.
7)  Williams KM, Mella H, Lucas PJ, Williams JA, Telford W, Gress RE.
Single cell analysis of complex thymus stromal cell populations: rapid thymic epithelia preparation characterizes radiation injury.
Clin Transl Sci. 2: 279-85, 2009.
8)  Williams KM, Lucas PJ, Bare CV, Wang J, Chu YW, Tayler E, Kapoor V, Gress RE.
CCL25 increases thymopoiesis after androgen withdrawal.
Blood. 112: 3255-63, 2008.
9)  Park JH, Adoro S, Lucas PJ, Sarafova SD, Alag AS, Doan LL, Erman B, Liu X, Ellmeier W, Bosselut R, Feigenbaum L, Singer A.
'Coreceptor tuning': cytokine signals transcriptionally tailor CD8 coreceptor expression to the self-specificity of the TCR.
Nat. Immunol. 8: 1049-59, 2007.
10)  Lucas PJ, Kim S, Mackall CL, Telford WG, Chu Y, Hakim FT, Gress RE.
Dysregulation of IL-15-mediated T-cell homeostasis in TGF-beta dominant-negative receptor transgenic mice.
Blood. 108: 2789-95, 2006.
11)  Lucas P, Kim S, Mackall C, Telford W, Chu Y, Hakim F, Gress R.
Dysregulation of IL-15 Mediated T Cell Homeostasis in TGF-beta Dominant Negative Receptor Transgenic Mice.
Blood. In Press, 2006.
12)  Sugita S, Ng TF, Lucas PJ, Gress RE, Streilein JW.
B7+ iris pigment epithelium induce CD8+ T regulatory cells; both suppress CTLA-4+ T cells.
J. Immunol. 176: 118-27, 2006.
13)  Zamisch M, Moore-Scott B, Su DM, Lucas PJ, Manley N, Richie ER.
Ontogeny and regulation of IL-7-expressing thymic epithelial cells.
J Immunol. 174: 60-7, 2005.
14)  El-Asady R, Yuan R, Liu K, Wang D, Gress RE, Lucas PJ, Drachenberg CB, Hadley GA.
TGF-{beta}-dependent CD103 expression by CD8(+) T cells promotes selective destruction of the host intestinal epithelium during graft-versus-host disease.
J Exp Med. 201: 1647-57, 2005.
15)  El Kassar N, Lucas PJ, Klug DB, Zamisch M, Merchant M, Bare CV, Choudhury B, Sharrow SO, Richie E, Mackall CL, Gress RE.
A dose effect of IL-7 on thymocyte development.
Blood. 104: 1419-27, 2004.
16)  Munitic I, Williams JA, Yang Y, Dong B, Lucas PJ, El Kassar N, Gress RE, Ashwell JD.
Dynamic regulation of IL-7 receptor expression is required for normal thymopoiesis.
Blood. 104: 4165-72, 2004.
17)  Chu YW, Memon SA, Sharrow SO, Hakim FT, Eckhaus M, Lucas PJ, Gress RE.
Exogenous IL-7 increases recent thymic emigrants in peripheral lymphoid tissue without enhanced thymic function.
Blood. 104: 1110-9, 2004.
18)  Taylor PA, Panoskaltsis-Mortari A, Swedin JM, Lucas PJ, Gress RE, Levine BL, June CH, Serody JS, Blazar BR.
L-Selectin(hi) but not the L-selectin(lo) CD4+25+ T-regulatory cells are potent inhibitors of GVHD and BM graft rejection.
Blood. 104: 3804-12, 2004.
19)  Wang D, Yuan R, Feng Y, El-Asady R, Farber DL, Gress RE, Lucas PJ, Hadley GA.
Regulation of CD103 expression by CD8+ T cells responding to renal allografts.
J Immunol. 172: 214-21, 2004.
20)  Lucas PJ, McNeil N, Hilgenfeld E, Choudhury B, Kim SJ, Eckhaus MA, Ried T, Gress RE.
Transforming growth factor-beta pathway serves as a primary tumor suppressor in CD8+ T cell tumorigenesis.
Cancer Res. 64: 6524-9, 2004.
21)  Lucas PJ, Kim SJ, Melby SJ, Gress RE.
Disruption of T cell homeostasis in mice expressing a T cell-specific dominant negative transforming growth factor beta II receptor.
J Exp Med. 191: 1187-96, 2000.
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