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Kevin A. Camphausen, M.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Ho J, Ondos J, Ning H, Smith S, Kreisl T, Iwamoto F, Sul J, Kim L, McNeil K, Krauze A, Shankavaram U, Fine HA, Camphausen K.
Chemoirradiation for glioblastoma multiforme: the national cancer institute experience.
PLoS ONE. 8: e70745, 2013.
2)  Hayman TJ, Kramp T, Kahn J, Jamal M, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
Competitive but Not Allosteric mTOR Kinase Inhibition Enhances Tumor Cell Radiosensitivity.
Transl Oncol. 6: 355-62, 2013.
3)  Rath BH, Fair JM, Jamal M, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
Astrocytes enhance the invasion potential of glioblastoma stem-like cells.
PLoS ONE. 8: e54752, 2013.
4)  Schlaff CD, Krauze A, Belard A, O Connell JJ, Camphausen KA.
Bringing the heavy: carbon ion therapy in the radiobiological and clinical context.
Radiat Oncol. 9: 88, 2014.
5)  Den RB, Kamrava M, Sheng Z, Werner-Wasik M, Dougherty E, Marinucchi M, Lawrence YR, Hegarty S, Hyslop T, Andrews DW, Glass J, Friedman DP, Green MR, Camphausen K, Dicker AP.
A phase I study of the combination of sorafenib with temozolomide and radiation therapy for the treatment of primary and recurrent high-grade gliomas.
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 85: 321-8, 2013.
6)  Citrin D, Camphausen KA.
Biomarkers for prostate cancer: who will benefit from local treatment, who harbors occult systemic disease and who needs treatment at all?.
Biomark Med. 7: 823-5, 2013.
7)  Citrin D, Hudak K, Camphausen KA.
Biomarkers to guide therapy or surveillance for prostate cancer.
Biomark Med. 7: 827-9, 2013.
8)  Saleh AD, Simone BA, Palazzo J, Savage JE, Sano Y, Dan T, Jin L, Champ CE, Zhao S, Lim M, Sotgia F, Camphausen K, Pestell RG, Mitchell JB, Lisanti MP, Simone NL.
Caloric restriction augments radiation efficacy in breast cancer.
Cell Cycle. 12: 1955-63, 2013.
9)  Sproull M, Avondoglio D, Kramp T, Shankavaram U, Camphausen K.
Correlation of Plasma FL Expression with Bone Marrow Irradiation Dose.
PLoS ONE. 8: e58558, 2013.
10)  Shankavaram U, Fliedner SM, Elkahloun AG, Barb JJ, Munson PJ, Huynh TT, Matro JC, Turkova H, Linehan WM, Timmers HJ, Tischler AS, Powers JF, de Krijger R, Baysal BE, Takacova M, Pastorekova S, Gius D, Lehnert H, Camphausen K, Pacak K.
Genotype and tumor locus determine expression profile of pseudohypoxic pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas.
Neoplasia. 15: 435-47, 2013.
11)  Chung C, Jalali S, Foltz W, Burrell K, Wildgoose P, Lindsay P, Graves C, Camphausen K, Milosevic M, Jaffray D, Zadeh G, Ménard C.
Imaging biomarker dynamics in an intracranial murine glioma study of radiation and antiangiogenic therapy.
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 85: 805-12, 2013.
12)  Arscott WT, Tandle AT, Zhao S, Shabason JE, Gordon IK, Schlaff CD, Zhang G, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen KA.
Ionizing radiation and glioblastoma exosomes: implications in tumor biology and cell migration.
Transl Oncol. 6: 638-48, 2013.
13)  Krauze AV, Won M, Graves C, Corn BW, Muanza TM, Howard SP, Mahadevan A, Schultz CJ, Haas ML, Mehta MP, Camphausen KA.
Predictive value of tumor recurrence using urinary vascular endothelial factor levels in patients receiving radiation therapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).
Biomark Res. 1: 29, 2013.
14)  Oh SY, Kwon HC, Kim SH, Lee S, Lee JH, Graves CA, Camphausen K, Kim HJ.
Prognostic Significance of Serum Levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 in Advanced Gastric Cancer Patients Treated with FOLFOX Chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy. 58: 426-434, 2013.
15)  Ho J, Turkbey B, Edgerly M, Alimchandani M, Quezado M, Camphausen K, Fojo T, Kaushal A.
Role of radiotherapy in adrenocortical carcinoma.
Cancer J. 19: 288-94, 2013.
16)  Hayman TJ, Wahba A, Rath BH, Bae H, Kramp T, Shankavaram U, Camphausen KA, Tofilon PJ.
The ATP-Competitive mTOR Inhibitor INK128 enhances in vitro and in vivo radiosensitivity of pancreatic carcinoma cells.
Clin. Cancer Res. 2013.
17)  Oh SY, Kwon HC, Kim SH, Lee S, Lee JH, Hwang JA, Hong SH, Graves CA, Camphausen K, Kim HJ, Lee YS.
The relationship of vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphisms and clinical outcome in advanced gastric cancer patients treated with FOLFOX: VEGF polymorphism in gastric cancer.
BMC Cancer. 13: 43, 2013.
18)  Prager AJ, Peng CR, Lita E, McNally D, Kaushal A, Sproull M, Compton K, Dahut WL, Figg WD, Citrin D, Camphausen KA.
Urinary aHGF, IGFBP3 and OPN as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for prostate cancer.
Biomark Med. 7: 831-41, 2013.
19)  Zibly Z, Schlaff CD, Gordon I, Munasinghe J, Camphausen KA.
A novel rodent model of spinal metastasis and spinal cord compression.
BMC Neurosci. 13: 137, 2012.
20)  Portal-Nuñez S, Shankavaram UT, Rao M, Datrice N, Atay S, Aparicio M, Camphausen KA, Fernández-Salguero PM, Chang H, Lin P, Schrump DS, Garantziotis S, Cuttitta F, Zudaire E.
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-induced adrenomedullin mediates cigarette smoke carcinogenicity in humans and mice.
Cancer Res. 72: 5790-800, 2012.
21)  Song S, Cho N, Iordachita I, Guion P, Fichtinger G, Kaushal A, Camphausen K, Whitcomb L.
Biopsy Needle Artifact Localization in MRI-guided Robotic Transrectal Prostate Intervention.
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. [Epub ahead of print], 2012.
22)  Kramp TR, Camphausen K.
Combination radiotherapy in an orthotopic mouse brain tumor model.
J Vis Exp. e3397, 2012.
23)  Shankavaram UT, Bredel M, Burgan WE, Carter D, Tofilon P, Camphausen K.
Molecular profiling indicates orthotopic xenograft of glioma cell lines simulate a subclass of human glioblastoma.
J Cell Mol Med. 16: 545-54, 2012.
24)  Fitzgerald DP, Subramanian P, Deshpande M, Graves C, Gordon I, Qian Y, Snitkovsky Y, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Paltán-Ortiz JD, Herman MM, Camphausen K, Palmieri D, Becerra SP, Steeg PS.
Opposing effects of pigment epithelium-derived factor on breast cancer cell versus neuronal survival: implication for brain metastasis and metastasis-induced brain damage.
Cancer Res. 72: 144-53, 2012.
25)  Kil WJ, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
Post-radiation increase in VEGF enhances glioma cell motility in vitro.
Radiat Oncol. 7: 25, 2012.
26)  Kahn J, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
Preclinical models in radiation oncology.
Radiat Oncol. 7: 223, 2012.
27)  Gordon IK, Graves C, Kil WJ, Kramp T, Tofilon P, Camphausen K.
Radiosensitization by the novel DNA intercalating agent vosaroxin.
Radiat Oncol. 7: 26, 2012.
28)  Ko C, Kaushal A, Hammoud DA, Steffen-Smith EA, Bent R, Citrin D, Camphausen K, Warren KE.
Role of Early Postradiation Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans in Children with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.
Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. [Epub ahead of print], 2012.
29)  Johnson S, Issac B, Zhao S, Bisht M, Celiku O, Tofilon P, Camphausen K, Shankavaram U.
StRAP: an integrated resource for profiling high-throughput cancer genomic data from stress response studies.
PLoS ONE. 7: e51693, 2012.
30)  Jamal M, Rath BH, Tsang PS, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
The brain microenvironment preferentially enhances the radioresistance of CD133(+) glioblastoma stem-like cells.
Neoplasia. 14: 150-8, 2012.
31)  Hayman TJ, Williams ES, Jamal M, Shankavaram UT, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
Translation Initiation Factor eIF4E Is a Target for Tumor Cell Radiosensitization.
Cancer Res. 72: 2362-72, 2012.
32)  Wuthrick EJ, Kamrava M, Curran WJ, Werner-Wasik M, Camphausen KA, Hyslop T, Axelrod R, Andrews DW, Glass J, Machtay M, Dicker AP.
A phase 1b trial of the combination of the antiangiogenic agent sunitinib and radiation therapy for patients with primary and metastatic central nervous system malignancies.
Cancer. 117: 5548-59, 2011.
33)  Arscott WT, Camphausen KA.
Analysis of urinary exosomes to identify new markers of non-small-cell lung cancer.
Biomark Med. 5: 822, 2011.
34)  Steeg PS, Camphausen KA, Smith QR.
Brain metastases as preventive and therapeutic targets.
Nat. Rev. Cancer. 11: 352-63, 2011.
35)  Arscott WT, Camphausen KA.
EGFR isoforms in exosomes as a novel method for biomarker discovery in pancreatic cancer.
Biomark Med. 5: 821, 2011.
36)  Urick ME, Chung EJ, Shield WP, Gerber N, White A, Sowers A, Thetford A, Camphausen K, Mitchell J, Citrin DE.
Enhancement of 5-Fluorouracil-induced In Vitro and In Vivo Radiosensitization with MEK Inhibition.
Clin Cancer Res. 17: 5038-5047, 2011.
37)  Arscott WT, Camphausen KA.
Exosome characterization from ascitic fluid holds promise for identifying markers of colorectal cancer.
Biomark Med. 5: 821-2, 2011.
38)  Simone CB, Lonser RR, Ondos J, Oldfield EH, Camphausen K, Simone NL.
Infratentorial craniospinal irradiation for von Hippel-Lindau: a retrospective study supporting a new treatment for patients with CNS hemangioblastomas.
Neuro-Oncol. 13: 1030-6, 2011.
39)  de Groot JF, Piao Y, Tran HT, Gilbert MR, Wu H, Liu J, Bekele BN, Cloughesy T, Mehta MP, Robins HI, Lassman AB, Deangelis LM, Camphausen K, Chen A, Yung WK, Prados MD, Wen PY, Heymach JV.
Myeloid Biomarkers Associated with Glioblastoma Response to Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Therapy with Aflibercept.
Clin Cancer Res. 17: 4872-81, 2011.
40)  Park D, Don AS, Massamiri T, Karwa A, Warner B, MacDonald J, Hemenway C, Naik A, Kuan KT, Dilda PJ, Wong JW, Camphausen K, Chinen L, Dyszlewski M, Hogg PJ.
Noninvasive imaging of cell death using an Hsp90 ligand.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133: 2832-5, 2011.
41)  Housri N, Ning H, Ondos J, Choyke P, Camphausen K, Citrin D, Arora B, Shankavaram U, Kaushal A.
Parameters favorable to intraprostatic radiation dose escalation in men with localized prostate cancer.
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 80: 614-20, 2011.
42)  Shabason JE, Camphausen K.
Cancer stem cells as a prognostic indicator for glioblastoma multiforme.
Biomark Med. 4: 127-8, 2010.
43)  Stall B, Zach L, Ning H, Ondos J, Arora B, Shankavaram U, Miller RW, Citrin D, Camphausen K.
Comparison of T2 and FLAIR imaging for target delineation in high grade gliomas.
Radiat Oncol. 5: 5, 2010.
44)  Korde LA, Lusa L, McShane L, Lebowitz PF, Lukes L, Camphausen K, Parker JS, Swain SM, Hunter K, Zujewski JA.
Gene expression pathway analysis to predict response to neoadjuvant docetaxel and capecitabine for breast cancer.
Breast Cancer Res. Treat. 119: 685-99, 2010.
45)  Shabason JE, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
HDAC inhibitors in cancer care.
Oncology. 24: 180-5, 2010.
46)  Asthagiri AR, Mehta GU, Zach L, Li X, Butman JA, Camphausen KA, Lonser RR.
Prospective evaluation of radiosurgery for hemangioblastomas in von Hippel-Lindau disease.
Neuro-Oncol. 12: 80-6, 2010.
47)  Buchanan IM, Scott T, Tandle AT, Burgan WE, Burgess TL, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
Radiosensitization of glioma cells by modulation of Met signaling with the hepatocyte growth factor neutralizing antibody, AMG102.
J Cell Mol Med. 15: 1999-2006, 2010.
48)  Zach L, Stall B, Ning H, Ondos J, Arora B, Uma S, Miller RW, Citrin D, Camphausen K.
A dosimetric comparison of four treatment planning methods for high grade glioma.
Radiat Oncol. 4: 45, 2009.
49)  Li G, Xie H, Ning H, Lu W, Low D, Citrin D, Kaushal A, Zach L, Camphausen K, Miller RW.
A novel analytical approach to the prediction of respiratory diaphragm motion based on external torso volume change.
Phys Med Biol. 54: 4113-30, 2009.
50)  McCord AM, Jamal M, Williams ES, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
CD133+ glioblastoma stem-like cells are radiosensitive with a defective DNA damage response compared with established cell lines.
Clin. Cancer Res. 15: 5145-53, 2009.
51)  Kamrava M, Bernstein MB, Camphausen K, Hodge JW.
Combining radiation, immunotherapy, and antiangiogenesis agents in the management of cancer: the Three Musketeers or just another quixotic combination?.
Mol Biosyst. 5: 1262-70, 2009.
52)  Avondoglio D, Scott T, Kil WJ, Sproull M, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
High throughput evaluation of gamma-H2AX.
Radiat Oncol. 4: 31, 2009.
53)  De Siervi A, De Luca P, Moiola C, Gueron G, Tongbai R, Chandramouli GV, Haggerty C, Dzekunova I, Petersen D, Kawasaki E, Kil WJ, Camphausen K, Longo D, Gardner K.
Identification of new Rel/NFkappaB regulatory networks by focused genome location analysis.
Cell Cycle. 8: 2093-100, 2009.
54)  Russo AL, Kwon HC, Burgan WE, Carter D, Beam K, Weizheng X, Zhang J, Slusher BS, Chakravarti A, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
In vitro and in vivo radiosensitization of glioblastoma cells by the poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor E7016.
Clin. Cancer Res. 15: 607-12, 2009.
55)  Chung EJ, Brown AP, Asano H, Mandler M, Burgan WE, Carter D, Camphausen K, Citrin D.
In vitro and in vivo radiosensitization with AZD6244 (ARRY-142886), an inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 kinase.
Clin. Cancer Res. 15: 3050-7, 2009.
56)  Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
Molecular targets for tumor radiosensitization.
Chem. Rev. 109: 2974-88, 2009.
57)  Morgan NY, Kramer-Marek G, Smith PD, Camphausen K, Capala J.
Nanoscintillator conjugates as photodynamic therapy-based radiosensitizers: calculation of required physical parameters.
Radiat. Res. 171: 236-44, 2009.
58)  Rodríguez D, Cheung MC, Housri N, Quinones-Hinojosa A, Camphausen K, Koniaris LG.
Outcomes of Malignant CNS Ependymomas: An Examination of 2408 Cases Through the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Database (1973-2005).
J. Surg. Res. 2009.
59)  Kreisl TN, Kim L, Moore K, Duic P, Royce C, Stroud I, Garren N, Mackey M, Butman JA, Camphausen K, Park J, Albert PS, Fine HA.
Phase II trial of single-agent bevacizumab followed by bevacizumab plus irinotecan at tumor progression in recurrent glioblastoma.
J. Clin. Oncol. 27: 740-5, 2009.
60)  McCord AM, Jamal M, Shankavaram UT, Shankavarum UT, Lang FF, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
Physiologic oxygen concentration enhances the stem-like properties of CD133+ human glioblastoma cells in vitro.
Mol. Cancer Res. 7: 489-97, 2009.
61)  Li G, Arora NC, Xie H, Ning H, Lu W, Low D, Citrin D, Kaushal A, Zach L, Camphausen K, Miller RW.
Quantitative prediction of respiratory tidal volume based on the external torso volume change: a potential volumetric surrogate.
Phys Med Biol. 54: 1963-78, 2009.
62)  Kurshan N, Citrin DE, Camphausen KA.
Research highlights.
Biomark Med. 3: 17-9, 2009.
63)  Camphausen K.
Seminars in Radiation Oncology. Introduction.
Semin Radiat Oncol. 19: 141, 2009.
64)  Amyot F, Small A, Boukari H, Camphausen K, Gandjbakhche A.
Topology of the heterogeneous nature of the extracellular matrix on stochastic modeling of tumor-induced angiogenesis.
Microvasc. Res. 77: 87-95, 2009.
65)  Russo AL, Jedlicka K, Wernick M, McNally D, Kirk M, Sproull M, Smith S, Shankavaram U, Kaushal A, Figg WD, Dahut W, Citrin D, Bottaro DP, Albert PS, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K.
Urine analysis and protein networking identify met as a marker of metastatic prostate cancer.
Clin. Cancer Res. 15: 4292-8, 2009.
66)  Baschnagel A, Russo A, Burgan WE, Carter D, Beam K, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Tofilon P, Camphausen K.
Vorinostat enhances the radiosensitivity of a breast cancer brain metastatic cell line grown in vitro and as intracranial xenografts.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 8: 1589-95, 2009.
67)  Palmieri D, Lockman PR, Thomas FC, Hua E, Herring J, Hargrave E, Johnson M, Flores N, Qian Y, Vega-Valle E, Taskar KS, Rudraraju V, Mittapalli RK, Gaasch JA, Bohn KA, Thorsheim HR, Liewehr DJ, Davis S, Reilly JF, Walker R, Bronder JL, Feigenbaum L, Steinberg SM, Camphausen K, Meltzer PS, Richon VM, Smith QR, Steeg PS.
Vorinostat inhibits brain metastatic colonization in a model of triple-negative breast cancer and induces DNA double-strand breaks.
Clin. Cancer Res. 15: 6148-57, 2009.
68)  Citrin D, Camphausen K.
Advancement of antiangiogenic and vascular disrupting agents combined with radiation.
Cancer Treat. Res. 139: 153-71, 2008.
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Clinical biomarkers of angiogenesis inhibition.
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72)  Simone NL, Ménard C, Soule BP, Albert PS, Guion P, Smith S, Godette D, Crouse NS, Sciuto LC, Cooley-Zgela T, Camphausen K, Coleman CN, Singh AK.
Intrarectal amifostine during external beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer produces significant improvements in Quality of Life measured by EPIC score.
Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 70: 90-5, 2008.
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Neuropsychological testing and biomarkers in the management of brain metastases.
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Performing nondiagnostic research biopsies in irradiated tissue: a review of scientific, clinical, and ethical considerations.
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Post-collection, pre-measurement variables affecting VEGF levels in urine biospecimens.
J. Cell. Mol. Med. 12: 343-50, 2008.
76)  Chinnaiyan P, Cerna D, Burgan WE, Beam K, Williams ES, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
Postradiation sensitization of the histone deacetylase inhibitor valproic acid.
Clin. Cancer Res. 14: 5410-5, 2008.
77)  Kumaraswamy S, Chinnaiyan P, Shankavaram UT, Lü X, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ.
Radiation-induced gene translation profiles reveal tumor type and cancer-specific components.
Cancer Res. 68: 3819-26, 2008.
78)  Chakraborty M, Wansley EK, Carrasquillo JA, Yu S, Paik CH, Camphausen K, Becker MD, Goeckeler WF, Schlom J, Hodge JW.
The use of chelated radionuclide (samarium-153-ethylenediaminetetramethylenephosphonate) to modulate phenotype of tumor cells and enhance T cell-mediated killing.
Clin. Cancer Res. 14: 4241-9, 2008.
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Keratinocyte growth factor augments immune reconstitution after autologous hematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation in rhesus macaques.
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Full Text Article. [Journal]
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Early observed transient prostate-specific antigen elevations on a pilot study of external beam radiation therapy and fractionated MRI guided High Dose Rate brachytherapy boost.
Radiat Oncol. 1: 28, 2006.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
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