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Patricia S. Steeg, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  McMullin RP, Wittner BS, Yang C, Denton-Schneider BR, Hicks D, Singavarapu R, Moulis S, Lee J, Akbari MR, Narod SA, Aldape KD, Steeg PS, Ramaswamy S, Sgroi DC.
A BRCA1 deficient-like signature is enriched in breast cancer brain metastases and predicts DNA damage-induced poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor sensitivity.
Breast Cancer Res. 16: R25, 2014.
2)  Morikawa A, Peereboom DM, Thorsheim HR, Samala R, Balyan R, Murphy CG, Lockman PR, Simmons A, Weil RJ, Tabar V, Steeg PS, Smith QR, Seidman AD.
Capecitabine and lapatinib uptake in surgically resected brain metastases from metastatic breast cancer patients: a prospective study.
Neuro-oncology. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
3)  Woditschka S, Evans L, Duchnowska R, Reed LT, Palmieri D, Qian Y, Badve S, Sledge G, Gril B, Aladjem MI, Fu H, Flores NM, Gökmen-Polar Y, Biernat W, Szutowicz-Zielinska E, Mandat T, Trojanowski T, Och W, Czartoryska-Arlukowicz B, Jassem J, Mitchell JB, Steeg PS.
DNA double-strand break repair genes and oxidative damage in brain metastasis of breast cancer.
J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 106, 2014.
4)  Marino N, Collins JW, Shen C, Caplen NJ, Merchant AS, Gökmen-Polar Y, Goswami CP, Hoshino T, Qian Y, Sledge GW, Steeg PS.
Identification and validation of genes with expression patterns inverse to multiple metastasis suppressor genes in breast cancer cell lines.
Clin. Exp. Metastasis. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
5)  Palmieri D, Duchnowska R, Woditschka S, Hua E, Qian Y, Biernat W, Sosilska-Mielcarek K, Gril B, Stark AM, Hewitt SM, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Jassem J, Steeg PS.
Profound Prevention of Experimental Brain Metastases of Breast Cancer by Temozolomide in an MGMT-Dependent Manner.
Clin. Cancer Res. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
6)  Khanna C, Fan TM, Gorlick R, Helman LJ, Kleinerman ES, Adamson PC, Houghton P, Tap WD, Welch DR, Steeg PS, Merlino G, Sorensen PH, Janeway KA, Weigel BJ, Randall RL, Meltzer PS, Withrow SJ, Paoloni M, Kaplan R, Teicher BA, Seibel NL, Uren A, Patel S, Trent JM, Savage SA, Mirabello L, Reinke D, Barkauskas DA, Smith MA, Bernstein ML, Kirsch DG, Krailo MD.
Towards a Drug Development Path that Targets Metastatic Progression in Osteosarcoma.
Clin. Cancer Res. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
7)  Peer CJ, Rao M, Spencer SD, Shahbazi S, Steeg PS, Schrump DS, Figg WD.
A rapid ultra HPLC-MS/MS method for the quantitation and pharmacokinetic analysis of 3-deazaneplanocin A in mice.
J. Chromatogr. B Analyt. Technol. Biomed. Life Sci. 927: 142-6, 2013.
8)  Marino N, Woditschka S, Reed LT, Nakayama J, Mayer M, Wetzel M, Steeg PS.
Breast cancer metastasis: issues for the personalization of its prevention and treatment.
Am. J. Pathol. 183: 1084-95, 2013.
9)  Lin NU, Amiri-Kordestani L, Palmieri D, Liewehr DJ, Steeg PS.
CNS metastases in breast cancer: old challenge, new frontiers.
Clin. Cancer Res. 19: 6404-18, 2013.
10)  Spano D, Marshall JC, Marino N, De Martino D, Romano A, Scoppettuolo MN, Bello AM, Di Dato V, Navas L, De Vita G, Medaglia C, Steeg PS, Zollo M.
Dipyridamole prevents triple-negative breast-cancer progression.
Clin. Exp. Metastasis. 30: 47-68, 2013.
11)  Saldana SM, Lee HH, Lowery FJ, Khotskaya YB, Xia W, Zhang C, Chang SS, Chou CK, Steeg PS, Yu D, Hung MC.
Inhibition of type I insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling attenuates the development of breast cancer brain metastasis.
PLoS ONE. 8: e73406, 2013.
12)  Wei JS, Johansson P, Chen L, Song YK, Tolman C, Li S, Hurd L, Patidar R, Wen X, Badgett TC, Cheuk AT, Marshall JC, Steeg PS, Vaqué Díez JP, Yu Y, Gutkind JS, Khan J.
Massively parallel sequencing reveals an accumulation of de novo mutations and an activating mutation of LPAR1 in a patient with metastatic neuroblastoma.
PLoS ONE. 8: e77731, 2013.
13)  Marino N, Marshall JC, Collins JW, Zhou M, Qian Y, Veenstra T, Steeg PS.
Nm23-h1 binds to gelsolin and inactivates its actin-severing capacity to promote tumor cell motility and metastasis.
Cancer Res. 73: 5949-62, 2013.
14)  Mittapalli RK, Liu X, Adkins CE, Nounou MI, Bohn KA, Terrell TB, Qhattal HS, Geldenhuys WJ, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Smith QR, Lockman PR.
Paclitaxel-hyaluronic nanoconjugates prolong overall survival in a preclinical brain metastases of breast cancer model.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 12: 2389-99, 2013.
15)  Gril B, Palmieri D, Qian Y, Anwar T, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Andreu Z, Masana D, Fernández P, Steeg PS, Vidal-Vanaclocha F.
Pazopanib Inhibits the Activation of PDGFRß-Expressing Astrocytes in the Brain Metastatic Microenvironment of Breast Cancer Cells.
Am. J. Pathol. 182: 2368-79, 2013.
16)  Brabletz T, Lyden D, Steeg PS, Werb Z.
Roadblocks to translational advances on metastasis research.
Nat. Med. 19: 1104-9, 2013.
17)  Zhang S, Huang WC, Zhang L, Zhang C, Lowery FJ, Ding Z, Guo H, Wang H, Huang S, Sahin AA, Aldape KD, Steeg PS, Yu D.
SRC family kinases as novel therapeutic targets to treat breast cancer brain metastases.
Cancer Res. 73: 5764-74, 2013.
18)  Cantley LC, Dalton WS, DuBois RN, Finn OJ, Futreal PA, Golub TR, Hait WN, Lozano G, Maris JM, Nelson WG, Sawyers CL, Schreiber SL, Spitz MR, Steeg PS.
AACR Cancer Progress Report 2012.
Clin. Cancer Res. 18: S1-100, 2012.
19)  Marshall JC, Collins JW, Nakayama J, Horak CE, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Albaugh M, Vidal-Vanaclocha F, Palmieri D, Barbier M, Murone M, Steeg PS.
Effect of inhibition of the lysophosphatidic acid receptor 1 on metastasis and metastatic dormancy in breast cancer.
J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 104: 1306-19, 2012.
20)  Marino N, Nakayama J, Collins JW, Steeg PS.
Insights into the biology and prevention of tumor metastasis provided by the Nm23 metastasis suppressor gene.
Cancer Metastasis Rev. 31: 593-603, 2012.
21)  Taskar KS, Rudraraju V, Mittapalli RK, Samala R, Thorsheim HR, Lockman J, Gril B, Hua E, Palmieri D, Polli JW, Castellino S, Rubin SD, Lockman PR, Steeg PS, Smith QR.
Lapatinib distribution in HER2 overexpressing experimental brain metastases of breast cancer.
Pharm. Res. 29: 770-81, 2012.
22)  Fitzgerald DP, Subramanian P, Deshpande M, Graves C, Gordon I, Qian Y, Snitkovsky Y, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Paltán-Ortiz JD, Herman MM, Camphausen K, Palmieri D, Becerra SP, Steeg PS.
Opposing effects of pigment epithelium-derived factor on breast cancer cell versus neuronal survival: implication for brain metastasis and metastasis-induced brain damage.
Cancer Res. 72: 144-53, 2012.
23)  Steeg PS.
Perspective: The right trials.
Nature. 485: S58-9, 2012.
24)  Liu H, Kato Y, Erzinger SA, Kiriakova GM, Qian Y, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Price JE.
The role of MMP-1 in breast cancer growth and metastasis to the brain in a xenograft model.
BMC Cancer. 12: 583, 2012.
25)  Fitzgerald DP, Emerson DL, Qian Y, Anwar T, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Silberman S, Palmieri D, Steeg PS.
TPI-287, a new taxane family member, reduces the brain metastatic colonization of breast cancer cells.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 11: 1959-67, 2012.
26)  Steeg PS, Zollo M, Wieland T.
A critical evaluation of biochemical activities reported for the nucleoside diphosphate kinase/Nm23/Awd family proteins: opportunities and missteps in understanding their biological functions.
Naunyn Schmiedeberg's Arch. Pharmacol. 384: 331-9, 2011.
27)  Steeg PS, Camphausen KA, Smith QR.
Brain metastases as preventive and therapeutic targets.
Nat. Rev. Cancer. 11: 352-63, 2011.
28)  Chiu W, Lee H, Huang F, Aldape KD, Yao J, Steeg PS, Chou C, Lu Z, Xie K, Huang S.
Caveolin-1 Upregulation Mediates Suppression of Primary Breast Tumor Growth and Brain Metastases by Stat3 Inhibition.
Cancer Res. 71: 4932-4943, 2011.
29)  Percy DB, Ribot EJ, Chen Y, McFadden C, Simedrea C, Steeg PS, Chambers AF, Foster PJ.
In Vivo Characterization of Changing Blood-Tumor Barrier Permeability in a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer Metastasis: A Complementary Magnetic Resonance Imaging Approach.
Invest. Radiol. 46: 718-25, 2011.
30)  Ribot EJ, Martinez-Santiesteban FM, Simedrea C, Steeg PS, Chambers AF, Rutt BK, Foster PJ.
In vivo single scan detection of both iron-labeled cells and breast cancer metastases in the mouse brain using balanced steady-state free precession imaging at 1.5 T.
J Magn Reson Imaging. 34: 231-8, 2011.
31)  Qian Y, Hua E, Bisht K, Woditschka S, Skordos KW, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Brogi E, Akram MM, Killian JK, Edelman DC, Pineda M, Scurci S, Degenhardt YY, Laquerre S, Lampkin TA, Meltzer PS, Camphausen K, Steeg PS, Palmieri D.
Inhibition of Polo-like kinase 1 prevents the growth of metastatic breast cancer cells in the brain.
Clin. Exp. Metastasis. 28: 899-908, 2011.
32)  McGowan PM, Simedrea C, Ribot EJ, Foster PJ, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Allan AL, Chambers AF.
Notch1 Inhibition Alters the CD44hi/CD24lo Population and Reduces the Formation of Brain Metastases from Breast Cancer.
Mol. Cancer Res. 9: 834-44, 2011.
33)  Gril B, Palmieri D, Qian Y, Smart D, Ileva L, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Steeg PS.
Pazopanib reveals a role for tumor cell B-Raf in the prevention of HER2+ breast cancer brain metastasis.
Clin. Cancer Res. 17: 142-53, 2011.
34)  Marino N, Marshall J, Steeg PS.
Protein-protein interactions: a mechanism regulating the anti-metastatic properties of Nm23-H1.
Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch. Pharmacol. 384: 351-62, 2011.
35)  Gril B, Palmieri D, Qian Y, Anwar T, Ileva L, Bernardo M, Choyke P, Liewehr DJ, Steinberg SM, Steeg PS.
The B-Raf status of tumor cells may be a significant determinant of both antitumor and anti-angiogenic effects of pazopanib in xenograft tumor models.
PLoS ONE. 6: e25625, 2011.
36)  Sleeman J, Steeg PS.
Cancer metastasis as a therapeutic target.
Eur. J. Cancer. 46: 1177-80, 2010.
37)  Chen M, Voeller D, Marquez VE, Kaye FJ, Steeg PS, Giaccone G, Zajac-Kaye M.
Enhanced growth inhibition by combined DNA methylation/HDAC inhibitors in lung tumor cells with silenced CDKN2A.
Int. J. Oncol. 37: 963-71, 2010.
38)  Lockman PR, Mittapalli RK, Taskar KS, Rudraraju V, Gril B, Bohn KA, Adkins CE, Roberts A, Thorsheim HR, Gaasch JA, Huang S, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Smith QR.
Heterogeneous blood-tumor barrier permeability determines drug efficacy in experimental brain metastases of breast cancer.
Clin. Cancer Res. 16: 5664-78, 2010.
39)  Kummar S, Gutierrez ME, Gardner ER, Chen X, Figg WD, Zajac-Kaye M, Chen M, Steinberg SM, Muir CA, Yancey MA, Horneffer YR, Juwara L, Melillo G, Ivy SP, Merino M, Neckers L, Steeg PS, Conley BA, Giaccone G, Doroshow JH, Murgo AJ.
Phase I trial of 17-dimethylaminoethylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin (17-DMAG), a heat shock protein inhibitor, administered twice weekly in patients with advanced malignancies.
Eur. J. Cancer. 46: 340-7, 2010.
40)  Gril B, Evans L, Palmieri D, Steeg PS.
Translational research in brain metastasis is identifying molecular pathways that may lead to the development of new therapeutic strategies.
Eur. J. Cancer. 46: 1204-10, 2010.
41)  Lee JH, Marshall J, Steeg PS, Horak CE.
Altered gene and protein expression by Nm23-H1 in metastasis suppression.
Mol. Cell. Biochem. 329: 141-8, 2009.
42)  Palmieri D, Fitzgerald D, Shreeve S, Hua E, Bronder J, Weil R, Davis S, Stark A, Merino M, Kurek R, Medhorn H, Davis G, Steinberg S, Meltzer P, Aldape K, Steeg P.
Analyses of resected human brain metastases of breast cancer reveal the association between up-regulation of hexokinase 2 and poor prognosis.
Mol Cancer Res. 7: 1438-45, 2009.
43)  Lu J, Steeg PS, Price JE, Krishnamurthy S, Mani SA, Reuben J, Cristofanilli M, Dontu G, Bidaut L, Valero V, Hortobagyi GN, Yu D.
Breast cancer metastasis: challenges and opportunities.
Cancer Res. 69: 4951-3, 2009.
44)  Marshall J, Lee JH, Steeg PS.
Clinical-translational strategies for the elevation of Nm23-H1 metastasis suppressor gene expression.
Mol. Cell. Biochem. 329: 115-20, 2009.
45)  Steeg P, Anderson R, Bar-Eli M, Chambers A, Eccles S, Hunter K, Itoh K, Kang Y, Matrisian L, Sleeman J, Theodorescu D, Thompson E, Welch D.
Preclinical drug development must consider the impact on metastasis.
Clin Cancer Res. 15: 4529-30, 2009.
46)  Li SH, Hawthorne VS, Neal CL, Sanghera S, Xu J, Yang J, Guo H, Steeg PS, Yu D.
Upregulation of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin by ErbB2 through nuclear factor-kappaB activation.
Cancer Res. 69: 9163-8, 2009.
47)  Thomas FC, Taskar K, Rudraraju V, Goda S, Thorsheim HR, Gaasch JA, Mittapalli RK, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Lockman PR, Smith QR.
Uptake of ANG1005, a novel paclitaxel derivative, through the blood-brain barrier into brain and experimental brain metastases of breast cancer.
Pharm. Res. 26: 2486-94, 2009.
48)  Baschnagel A, Russo A, Burgan WE, Carter D, Beam K, Palmieri D, Steeg PS, Tofilon P, Camphausen K.
Vorinostat enhances the radiosensitivity of a breast cancer brain metastatic cell line grown in vitro and as intracranial xenografts.
Mol. Cancer Ther. 8: 1589-95, 2009.
49)  Palmieri D, Lockman P, Thomas F, Hua E, Herring J, Hargrave E, Johnson M, Flores N, Qian Y, Vega-Valle E, Taskar K, Gaasch J, Liewehr D, Davis S, Riley J, Walkerm R, Bronder J, Feigenbaum L, Steinberg S, Camphausen K, Meltzer P, Richon V, Smith Q, Steeg P.
Vorinostat inhibits brain metastatic colonization in a model of triple-negative breast cancer and induces DNA double-strand breaks.
Clin Cancer Res. 15: 6148-57, 2009.
50)  Lee JH, Horak CE, Khanna C, Meng Z, Yu LR, Veenstra TD, Steeg PS.
Alterations in Gemin5 expression contribute to alternative mRNA splicing patterns and tumor cell motility.
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51)  Steeg PS, Horak CE, Miller KD.
Clinical-translational approaches to the Nm23-H1 metastasis suppressor.
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Effect of lapatinib on the outgrowth of metastatic breast cancer cells to the brain.
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53)  Steeg PS.
Heterogeneity of drug target expression among metastatic lesions: lessons from a breast cancer autopsy program.
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Reactive glia are recruited by highly proliferative brain metastases of breast cancer and promote tumor cell colonization.
Clin. Exp. Metastasis. 25: 799-810, 2008.
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Nelfinavir, A lead HIV protease inhibitor, is a broad-spectrum, anticancer agent that induces endoplasmic reticulum stress, autophagy, and apoptosis in vitro and in vivo.
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